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Nightingale: How to Fix Portal Not Opening

Nightingale Portal not working

Kaylee Nancarrow



Nightingale Portal not working

Nightingale is an exciting new PVE open-world survival crafting game. Players embark on a mysterious journey of survival and adventure through portals into the Fae Realms of the Nightingale.

Sadly, there’s a common problem that many players deal with portals that just refuse to open. Seeing as a portal is the only way to progress to the next stage, it poses quite a conundrum. Thankfully, there’s a solution to the problem.

Portal Not Opening in Nightingale Solution

Nightingale portal

There have been some reports of a bug that stops portals from opening in Nightingale. If you’re one of the many players experiencing this problem there are a few solutions you could try to open the portal.

Restart the Game

Restarting a game should always be the go-to solution when trying to fix a faulty bug. It’s probably the easiest method to use and if it works, you’ll be running through portals in no time.

Verify Files Through Steam’s Library

If restarting the game doesn’t work, then the only thing left to do is to close out Nightingale and relaunch the game. Verifying your game file through the Steam library could also be a possible solution to get rid of the bug.

Create a New Character

Create a new character

We wouldn’t usually recommend this tip, but if a portal is still not opening after the two attempts, you will possibly need to create a brand new character and replay the game up to the same point.

It’s not clear what causes the portal to bug out but there has been speculation about some enemies not spawning in.

Essentially, this bug shouldn’t take you hours to fix. Good luck!

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