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Nightingale: How to Do Emotes

Learn how to emote in Nightingale

Kaylee Nancarrow



How to Use Emotes in Nightingale

Nightingale is an open-world survival crafting game played solo or co-operatively with friends.

Much like other games, Nightingale offers players a wide range of emotes to communicate with their friends how they feel. If you’re interested in finding out how to perform a cool emote, here’s how to do it.

How Use Emotes in Nightingale

Emote Wheel Nightingale

When you’re traveling through a realm accompanied by some fellow friends, you can perform 10 different emotes and show people how you feel.

You could even be in a public realm with complete strangers, holding the “Z” key to open up the emote wheel, as seen in the image above.

On the other hand, if you are playing on a controller, you can press and hold the Up-Arrow on the d-pad, and the emote wheel will appear.

The wheel of emotes will pop up and you can choose to do any one of the 10 emotes. Scroll through the wheel of emotes with your mouse and press “Z” for a keyboard and “Up-Arrow” for the controller to release the one you wish to communicate.

You can use emotes to convey typical replies like a shrug of the shoulders, tipping of the hat, or a simple yes and no answer. Emotes are generally useful in circumstances where conversation should rather be avoided.

If you’re playing in first-person, the game will automatically switch to third-person and show you the emote you choose to do. Just remember that you can’t cancel an emote once you’ve selected it, so make sure no enemies are nearby to intercept the message.

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