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New World: Ultimate Housing Guide

Get a grip of the new housing in this New World’s recent update.




New World is an open-world MMO that you can play with your friends and all other players around the globe. This game gives you a thrilling and challenging atmosphere as you get through every day.

By playing this, you will be the one to make your own lifestyle and destiny according to your playstyle and progress in the game. As you stay in the supernatural island of Aeternum, you will be doing different types of tasks and challenges.

However, New World is not just about being who is the strongest player in the game. Who might think that this game will also feature having your own house and making lots of use from it.

Since the last update of New World, there has been a lot of changes in the housing system. And through this guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about New World housing.

Updated Housing Guide in New World

For some games, housing is nothing but a place where you can leave all your storage when going away from your house. It is also usually a place where a character can rest for the night to regain its stats. However, in the latest New World update, the housing was changed into something that can really improve the quality of life.

Aside from being a big storage room, there are also some more benefits of having a house in New World.

Benefits of Having a House in New World

It is true that houses are a good use of storage. Aside from the one that you have with you when travelling, your house also acts as an additional space to store items. Plus, the capacity also increases in a given settlement.

Aside from that, the trophies that you earn will be placed inside the house. Aside from being a good decoration at home, these trophies also grant you passive bonuses by enhancing the stats of your character.

Lastly, you can also use your house for travelling conveniently. For every two to four hours, you can use your house to travel faster from one place to another. The cooldown duration differs depending on the price of the house when you bought it. The more expensive it is, the faster you can use it for traveling.

How to Buy a House

In this game, buying a house is as serious as it is in real life. There are lots of considerations that must be done, as well as requirements that must be met.

First, the requirement for you to be able to buy your first house is to reach Player Level 15 and Territory Standing 10. These basic requirements are only applicable for first tier house. So, if you plan on buying a three or four tier house, you should first work on increasing these two.

The next thing will be a more serious one. If you are going to buy your first house, you will be given a 50% discount. During this time, you have to think carefully if you want to level up first and buy a three or four tier house at 50% off price, or you will grab that first tier house as a starter and grind the game to earn more money for a better house.

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