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Mythbusters The Game: Beginner’s Guide | Everything You Need to Know

If you are looking for an exercising game for your brain, mythbuster is what you need to play. Here are some of the helpful guides that will help you get familiarize to this game.




Mythbuster is a game that focuses on planning and executing different experiments to test various myths. These myths require different mechanics that is rooted in the real world’s physics, electronics, gadgets etc.

This game is efficient for gamers who love to experiment, and improve things that will make you feel scientific madness. You can create your own dummy, rockets, and cars. Etc.

Mythbusters The Game: Beginner’s Guide | Everything You Need to Know

From the name “myth”, your main goal is to finish a myth/goal posted on your mythboard that you can find inside your starting area. The objectives are listed on your board and the only thing that you need to do is to bust/create it – to progress on your episode.

There are tips that you can follow, also you can choose from different types of myths that you wanted to finish by accepting the task.

Blueprints and Experiment Creation

Blueprints are one of the most important tools used in this game because this is where you need to create a design for your chosen myth. After checking the blueprint, you will have to complete different tasks; mathematics, scientific equations, and more to complete an item. After completing the item, you will now buy some items that will complete the experiment.

After creating the experiment, you can freely try the item on the shooting range. If it is successful, then it means that you already completed an episode and you can open another one on the mythboard.

Completion of Myths          

Completion of myths will allow you to gain popularity and budget. The budget you will earn can be used to buy more materials that you needed as you progress to the game.

Keep in mind that, as you progress, you will need expensive items and explosions that you need to complete a certain experiment.

Mythboard Cards

After assessing the myth that you need to create, you can choose from the cards that is also present on the mythboard; you can also get more after completing a myth. These cards will either increase or decrease your budget and popularity.

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