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Multiversus: How to Play Velma | Basic Moves and Abilities

Learn how to master Velma in Multiverse by studying her basic moves and abilities.




In Multiversus, Velma is considered a support role character, which indicates that her primary goal is to make her ally’s life easier. She doesn’t believe in violence, which could be an issue in a combat game.

Fortunately, many of her offensive attacks still deal a decent amount of damage. If Velma is your favorite character and you want to know how to master her, this article is perfect for you!

How to Play Velma in Multiverse

Velma Dinkley is one of the characters in the Scooby-Doo cartoon series and movies. She is a bit of a bookworm and is regarded as the nerdy brain of the group.

Because of this, she might not be at the top of anyone’s list for a fighting game like Multiversus. However, Velma has a lot of useful attack moves that can make everyone’s life easier. This guide will teach you Velma’s basic attack moves and abilities.

Playing Velma

One of the main advantages of playing Velma is her ability to investigate. When she lands most of her attacks, some of her specialties have a chance to create Evidence.

These are indicated by small illuminated paper. Once you gather enough of these, Velma will be able to summon a police car. When the vehicle arrives, she will inform them that one of her opponents is actually Old Man Jenkins, causing them to be temporarily stunned.

This is only one of her helpful attacks. With that said, here are more of Velma’s moves and abilities to help you understand her better:

  • Light Attack: Velma uses words to attack the enemy, which charges up and are heat-seeking targets.
  • Neutral Air Attack: Velma summons a light bulb that can throw enemies up in the air and deal huge damage.
  • Side Light: Velma slaps the enemies with a combo while uttering words.
  • Heavy Attack Combo: Velma shoots a beam of light to directly hit enemies.
  • Down Heavy Attack: Velma’s head gets bigger which provides a cooldown reduction on all abilities.
  • Up Heavy Attack: Velma freezes enemies and charges up an attack.
  • Cheese and Butter Combo: Velma uses her up heavy attack as a safe zone while using her heavy attack combo at the same time to deal huge damage.
  • Aerial Attack: Velma jumps up and strikes a targeted area.
  • Recovery: Velma jumps up and takes a snap using her camera, which deals damage and causes her to disengage.
  • Air Heavy Attack: Velma shoots a beam of light while in the air.

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