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MultiVersus: How to Play Tom and Jerry | Basic Moves and Abilities Guide

Tom and Jerry are well known to be two different characters. When they are together, Tom constantly tries to hurt Jerry but ends up in pain instead.




It will be fascinating to observe how they deal with the situation and use their differences to fight as a team in this game.

Basic Moves and Abilities Guide/How to Play Tom and Jerry- MultiVersus

It is unusual to see Tom and Jerry fighting as a team against an ally because they are known to be foes who cannot agree on anything. But to avoid losing your squad to the partner, some specific moves must be mastered and skillfully employed in this game.

Slingshot Sharpshooter

Slingshot sharpshooter is also known as Neutral, ground, or air. Whenever you are to cause damage to the enemy, press the neutral key.

This move allows Tom to fire a slingshot at the ally. However, Jerry is the projectile to be fired from the slingshot, thereby leaving Jerry exposed to attack from the enemy until Tom can pick him up back.

Going Fishing

Timing is the most crucial aspect of this move whenever you must use it. Here, Tom casts out a fishing line, and if the line misses the target {enemy}, it stays on the ground until it’s been reeled back. If you spin it and remain under the enemy, it would cause damage to them.

Snap Trap (Down Ground)

This move is considered to be the oldest of them all. It involves the use of a mousetrap. Tom lays down the trap for the ally to run over it while chasing Jerry. It causes damage to any enemy that gets trapped on it.

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