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Lost Ark: How to Get 1st Limit PvP

Reaching 1st Limit is something to brag about. This guide will tell you how to do it fast.




Lost Ark is more than just its dungeon system. With the introduction of the PvP grounds, the fiercest warriors in Arkesia are ready to take on the battles to the next level. Other than glory and prestige to your name, there are perks to reaching higher tier levels in the Proving Grounds, the game’s PvP arena, including tier-based weekly rewards and purchasable items from the PvP store.

How to Get 1st Limit PvP in Lost Ark

To reach the 1st Limit in PvP, you need to grind 66,791 XP, which is the required XP for this rank. This is easier said than done. In fact, you need to be part of the top 0.30% in your server to make it to the 1st Limit. The best method to do this the fast way is to take advantage of the game’s pointing system.

Point System

The different PvP modes reward you with different points, regardless of victory or defeat. It’s important to note that some of these modes are MMR-based, meaning, you queue with other players in the same rank. Below are the reward points of each of these modes:

Team Deathmatch:

  • Victory: 175 points
  • Defeat: 99 points


  • Victory: 125 points
  • Defeat: 71 points

Team Elimination Match:

  • Victory: 140 points
  • Defeat: 79 points

Competitive Match:

  • Victory: 185 points
  • Defeat: 111 points

Co-op Battle:

  • Victory: 435 points
  • Defeat: 247 points

Special points:

  • Fever Time gives you an additional 50% XP
    • Achieve ace to obtain additional 10-30%

As you can see, victories almost double your XP. Therefore, it’s better to focus on winning and putting on a game face every time you enter the Proving Grounds to quickly reach the 1st Limit rank. Don’t miss out on Co-op Battles and Fever Times, since these events are time-limited and occur only a few times. Be sure to participate when they are active and running. See to it that you’re on top of the game by achieving an ace, which will give you bonus XP.

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