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Lost Ark: Gear Upgrade Guide

To be able to advance further into the game with ease, you need to improve your gear by upgrading.




Like any other MMORPGs, your gear level in Lost Ark plays a critical role as it affects your performance in battle. As you navigate yourself to reach endgame content, you will need to change and upgrade your gear from time to time, depending on your build.

Gear Upgrade Guide in Lost Ark

The Gear Honing System is unlocked when you reach level 50 in Vern Castle, after completing a series of blue-colored story quests. To access this feature, you will need to locate the hammer icon on the map, which indicates the Gear Honing NPC. This can be found in every major capital city.

Increasing Item Level (Upgrading)

Approach the Gear Honing NPC and speak to them to bring up the menu. To start upgrading, click the Gear Honing or Reclamation button, indicated by a hammer. On the left side, select the gear you want to upgrade and click “Upgrade”. You will see the required materials needed for the upgrade; so you better farm them first before heading to the NPC.

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