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Longvinter: How to Get Turrets

Turrets are the best way to protect your resources from other players, but they’re not that easy to get.




Gathering resources only makes sense if you’re able to keep them afterwards, and this can be difficult in Longvinter, as other players will gladly plunder through your storage. But a few turrets on your property might force your rivals to reconsider their actions.

How to Get Turrets in Longvinter

Longvinter: How to get turrets

Before you’ll start running around looking for recipe book, you should know that turrets cannot be crafted. These items can only be bought from one particular NPC – a farmer, found in the Sgt Lake’s outpost. He is standing in the middle of a group made out of three different merchants and has a straw hat.

Purchasing Turrets

Longvinter: How to get turrets

Unfortunately, you cannot buy a turret right away. The merchant will only offer them once you’ve collected at least one of each plant in the game. Only once this is done, you’ll be able to buy the turret for 15,995 MK.

How Turrets Work

Longvinter: How to get turrets

Because of the game’s chaotic nature, you have very little control over your turret. It can only be placed in your own base (though sometimes, a glitch will tell you that you can’t place a turret anywhere, as the game will fail to register where your base is) and they shoot everything that walks and isn’t you, including your potential friends and allies. So, you might want to place those only close to your most treasured possessions.

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