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Longvinter: Can you Pick Up Tent?

The placement of your tent can make a difference between life and death in Longvinter. Choosing a suitable spot is crucial, but sometimes, you’re going to make mistakes. But can you still move your tent after placing it?




To survive in Longvinter, you’ll have to make a lot of tough, split-second decisions. Despite it’s cutesy visual style, reminiscent of animal crossing, the game can be brutal, especially for new players. So, there are a few basics you should keep in mind when building your base, to keep it safe from others.

Like how much control do you have over objects you’ve already placed – especially the tents, which usually serve as your encampments heart.

Can you Pick Up Tent in Longvinter?

Unfortunately, once you’ve placed your tent in Longvinter, you cannot pick it up again, or even slightly move it. Every object that shows as yellow when placing it will be permanently placed in the space you’ve initially chosen, and that includes tents.

What to Do if I Misplace My Tent?

The only thing you can do is buy a new one and place it in a spot you have in mind. Tents can be bought repeatedly from the red vendor machine found in the Sgt Lakes Outpost.

Each one costs 699 MK, making them pretty costly early on in the game. Because of that, you should choose where to place them carefully, since for some time, you’ll be stuck with the ones you already have, without an option to move them elsewhere.

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