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Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth: How to Open the Safe in Seiryu Clan HQ

Don’t worry you won’t have to blow it open




The Seiryu Clan HQ in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth has a lot of loot for you to pick up. Amongst the various items lying around there, you can also find a silver safe. So, how do you open this safe?

We will be looking at what you need to do to open the safe you find in the HQ, and what that safe contains.

How to Open the Safe in Seiryu Clan HQ

To open the safe in Seiryu Clan HQ, you will need a safe key. You will come across the key before you find the safe. Using this key, you can go up to the safe and simply open it.

Where to find the key and safe

Map location

The map above shows the location of both the safe and key. The blue arrow points to where you will find the key, and the safe can be found in the room inside the red box.

Key location

The key will be fairly easy to spot when you enter the room with the key in it. Pickable items in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth will often be shiny, allowing you to easily spot them.

Do keep in mind that when you first enter the room with the key, there will be some enemies here. Before going further you have to take care of them.

Safe Key

You can then pick up the key and go towards the safe’s location.

Using the key on the safe

Opening the safe

Once you get to the room with the safe, you can open the safe using the key you got. Opening the safe is fairly straightforward, as all you have to do is approach the safe and interact with it.

Upon interacting with it, you will get 2 options, “Open it” and “Don’t open it”. Choosing “Open it” will use the key you have, and open the safe.

Down Jacket

Opening the safe will give you the Down Jacket. Besides the jacket looking so good, it also gives you 2 special effects.

  • Lowers the damage taken from ice attacks
  • Lowers the damage taken from blunt attacks

At the end of Seiryu Clan HQ, there is a tough fight waiting for you. You can use the jacket you just got to help you beat the boss.

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