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Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth: How to Get Bird Food

Feed your favorite pet bird!




One of the friends you can make in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is a green macaw. His name is Captain G, and you need to get some bird food to feed him. As far as NPCs go, Captain G is definitely one you want to invest time socializing with.

The bird wants some bird food, as they tend to. So, where do you find some food for him to eat?

How to Get Bird Food

You can get some Bird Food at a store in the Anaconda Shopping Center. It is pretty easy, all you need is the location and some money. Once there, you can buy some food just like you would buy any other item from vendors. 

The store we’re looking for specifically is the ABC Store (Anaconda). This is a convenience store chain found all over Hawaii. The one closest to Captain G, the bird NPC, is highlighted in the map below. 

ABC Store in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

After entering the store, interact with the cashier. You will now be shown all the items available to buy. Scroll to the bottom of the list to find the Bird Food item.  

Bird Food in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

Once you’ve purchased some bird food here, you can give it to Captain G to increase your friendship. Cherish your friendships, especially with exotic birds, they’re not very common!

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