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Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth: How to Get a Slightly Sleazy Resort

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In most games, having a sleazy resort might not be something you would want, but in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth having a sleazy resort isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The game allows players to build their own resorts. One of the metrics in which a resort is measured in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is the resorts genre. Sleazy is one of the genres in the game, and it is also the one we will be focusing on.

So how exactly do you get your resort to be sleazy?

This guide will provide you with a very straightforward way of making your resort sleazy.

How to Get a Slightly Sleazy Resort

You can check your resorts sleazy level using a bar graph the game provides you with.

The graph also shows you the level of your other 3 genres, Pop, Rustic, and Elegant. Other valuable info alongside the genres can all be seen from your resorts information page.

Making your resort sleazy will require you to put various structures in your resort. One of the details provided to you when you are choosing structures for your resort is the genre of that item.

So, the Cabaret Club in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is classified as sleazy. adding the Cabaret Club to your resort will raise the sleazy bar. The amount the bar raised depends on the size of the building. A bigger building will have a bigger effect on the sleazy bar.

Besides structures, furniture can also help you increase your resort’s sleaziness. Early on, crafting and placing items that are cheaper to make is easier to do.

The process of making your resort one of the other 3 genres is the same. So, build towards the genre you want your resort to have.

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