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Last Epoch: How to Get Started With Dungeons

Dungeon-crawling fun times!




Dungeons in Last Epoch can seem quite daunting if you don’t know what to do get started exploring them. After all, even just gaining entrance to them can be confusing…

Don’t put off learning about them, though! After all, dungeons are a fantastic way to get Legendary items, plus they are some of the most fun and unique content in Last Epoch.

Ready to dive in? In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to start your dungeon-crawling adventures!

How to Get Started With Dungeons

Dungeon Key

There are currently 3 dungeons you can explore in Last Epoch, with each one being tougher than the last!

To access the dungeons, you will first need to get their respective keys. For example, the Lightless Arbor requires the Lightless Arbor Key. Who would’ve thought!?

Getting the keys is a bit of an annoyance, however, as they are random drops. You can find them randomly when defeating any enemy.

They also have a high chance to drop from Timeline Bosses, which you will encounter randomly as you explore the Monolith of Fate in the endgame.

That said, keys will only start dropping once you meet the minimum level required for their respective dungeon. In fact, you won’t see your first dungeon key until you’re at least Level 25.

Dungeon Entrance

When you get a key, you can right-click it in the Inventory to show the dungeon’s location on your map. At least the dungeons are easier to find than the keys are!

With the basics down, these are the three dungeons you can explore, their location, and the recommended levels:

As you can see, you can first start foraging into a dungeon once you reach Level 25. Keys for the Lightless Arbor will become available as a random drop, allowing you to enter the dungeon.

What else should I know about dungeons?

Dungeon Tiers

All of the Dungeons have multiple Tiers, with each one greatly increasing the difficulty. Of course, they also greatly increase the quality of loot you get!

To unlock a new Tier, you just have to beat the previous one. For example, Tier II will unlock once you complete the dungeon in Tier I.

There’s a total of 4 Tiers currently for each dungeon. Bring your best builds to challenge higher Tiers to get the best rewards possible!

Lightless Arbor Gameplay

As for the layout, the layout of the dungeons is always the same and not randomized… for the most part.

While the overall layout itself doesn’t change, the game will randomly place barriers to block paths. These will change every single time you enter the dungeons, don’t expect things to stay the same!

The enemy spawns will also vary each time, so don’t expect to find the same enemies in the same places, either.

On that note, you might get to see quite a few variations of each dungeon before you beat them. After all, you only get one shot at beating a dungeon instance!

Lightless Arbor Gameplay

If you die, you’re kicked out of the dungeon, all the way back to the entrance. You’ll need another key to try again, and the barricades and enemies will be randomized again. Make sure you’re ready before heading in!

But, at least now you know everything you need to know to get started exploring the dungeons in Last Epoch!

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