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Last Epoch: How to Get Cosmetic Pets

Level up your look with Cosmetic Pets




Cosmetics in Last Epoch allow you to give your game and character a fresh new look. The Cosmetics in this game are microtransactions, so you will have to spend additional money to gain access to them.

One of the Cosmetics that you can get is a Cosmetic Pet. A Cosmetic Pet is an item that can exclusively be bought as a Cosmetic. Like all other Cosmetic items in the game, Cosmetic Pets have no impact on the gameplay.

How to Get Cosmetic Pets

cosmetic shop with cosmetic pet highlighted

All the Cosmetics in this game can be bought through the Cosmetic Shop. To buy items at this shop, you will need to spend Epoch Points. Epoch Points act as the currency for microtransactions in this game, and they allow you to buy any Cosmetic item.

Epoch Points can only be used for Cosmetics. Last Epoch has no pay-to-win aspects to it, so no gameplay advantages can be gained using these points. Upon loading Epoch Points onto your account, you can spend them whenever you like.

The Gold that you make or have in Last Epoch has no use in the Cosmetic Shop. Without Epoch Points, you can’t purchase anything at the shop.

Equipping Cosmetic Pets

Once you buy the pets, they automatically get added to your account in the game.

equipping the cosmetic pet

You can equip your Cosmetic Pet or any other Cosmetic item that you have through the Cosmetics Appearance menu. Over here you will have access to 2 Pet slots, and clicking on them will show all the different Pet Cosmetics that you have.

Last Epoch currently has a wide variety of Pet Cosmetics that players can choose from. They can also be bought in bundles alongside other Cosmetics, giving you a full set that matches together.

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