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Last Epoch: How to Farm Smite Idols

Make your Smite Sentinel build excel with these Idols!




Last Epoch How to Farm Smite Idols

If you’re making a Sentinel build in Last Epoch and revolving around the powerful Smite ability, you’ll need to farm Smite Idols.

These powerful Idols will increase the damage you deal with Smite, as well as give you extra chances to cast it!

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to start farming Idols that boost your Smite skill. Although be warned, the only way to farm them is intended for endgame.

Best Ways to Farm Smite Idols in Last Epoch

Last Epoch: How to Farm Smite Idols - Loot Filters

The first thing you should do to farm Smite Idols, or any specific item, is to set up a loot filter. Farming is a lot easier when you hide trash you don’t need, after all!

When you set up your loot filter, look for these two specific Affixes:

  • Chance to Cast Smite When You Hit With Throwing Attacks.
  • Increased Damage With Vengeance And Smite.

These are the only two Affix effects that you can find on Idols. So, those are the only ones you need to look out for when it comes to Smite Idols.

Monolith of Fate

Now, the sad news is that there’s no real way to specifically farm Idols, much less ones with specific Affixes. You’re left at the mercy of random chance when it comes to these things!

The best thing you can really do to increase your chances is to start tackling the Monolith of Fate, which is intended as the endgame content. Idols have a higher chance of dropping from enemies in the Monolith.

We advise against even starting the Monolith content until you’re at least Level 58, however, as it’s pretty challenging!

Monolith of Fate Idol Echo node example

To further boost your chances of finding your coveted Smite Idols, you should focus on Echo nodes that have the Idol symbol, as shown above.

These nodes have even higher chances to give you Idols. Make sure that you interact with every random shrine you encounter on the way, too!

In short, the only real way to farm Smite Idols is to just complete Echoes in the Monolith of Fate, with Idol Echoes being your best chance. We wish you the best of luck on this grind!

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