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Last Epoch: How to Farm Ravenous Void

How to farm these unique gloves

Kaylee Nancarrow



Last Epoch Ravenous Void

There are over 40 pairs of gloves in the Last Epoch and Ravenous Void is one of the rarest of these pairs. There are several ways to get your hands on these gloves in the game. That said, it will take a lot of corruption, and some luck to acquire such a rare piece.

In this guide, we’ll take you through some of the basics of how to farm the Ravenous Void in Last Epoch.

How to Farm Ravenous Void

For this guide, we won’t be paying much focus on how to farm unique items in the game, but we’ll be specifically looking at how you can farm the Ravenous Void. That said, items have different classes and rarer items take longer to drop.

Last Epoch Database

As we mentioned above, the Ravenous Void is an extremely rare item in the game. To stand any chance of acquiring the item, you’ll need to know exactly what is required to make this item drop.

Last Epoch item database

On Last Epoch’s website, there is an item tool database. The database reveals all there is to know about any of the items in the game and shares some useful tips to acquire them, as seen in the image above.

Find gloves under set menu

Under the “Gloves” option go to the “Set” menu. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find the Ravenous Void gloves.

Information on what you need to get the Ravenous Void gloves

The Ravenous Void gloves are dropped from The Husk of Elder Gaspar. The chances of the item being dropped after killing the boss are increased with higher corruption.

Farm the item in Ending Storm

That said, the timeline to target farm the pair of gloves is Ending the Storm. Here the item will be dropped as a unique or set gloves echo reward, as seen in the image above.

Equipped with the rarest item in the game, you’re sure to be a formidable force!

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