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Last Epoch: Empowered Monoliths Boss Guide

Defeat Empowered Monolith bosses to get unique loot




Monoliths in Last Epoch are one of the best ways to progress your game. Most players will end up spending a ton of time on Monoliths, as they are the main thing to do after the campaign is done.

Other than the normal Monloiths, you can also unlock Empowered Monoliths in Last Epoch. Empowered Monoliths allow you to fight stronger enemies and give you access to better loot. The bosses in Empowered Monoliths are also a bit different.

Empowered Monoliths Boss Guide

empowered monolith selection

There are multiple Timelines within a Monoloth, and each Timeline will have a Corruption level. In normal Monoliths, the Corruption level is capped at 50. Empowered Monoliths do not have a cap, and the starting Corruption level is 100.

Corruption level dictates the difficulty of the enemies within a Timeline and improves the drops. Bosses in these Empowered Monolith Timelines are also harder. The rewards are also better though, as defeating these bosses gives you access to unique loot.

item drop that is unique to empowered monolith boss fights

For example, the Wings of Argentus body armor in the image above is a boss-specific drop. This drop is also unique to Empowered Timelines. The image above indicates where this can be seen.

Most boss drops from Monoliths are very unique and build-defining. From Empowered Timelines you can get even better loot that can make your build much better.

How to Fight the Bosses

stability bar for a timeline

Each Timeline within a Monolith will have a Stability Bar that you will need to fill. This Stability Bar acts as a progression indicator, and you fill this up by completing Echos. Echos are the different worlds you will need to visit for objectives inside a Timeline.

To take on Boss fights in Empowered Monoliths, you will need to fill up the Stability Bar. The farther away you are from the start of the Timeline, the more Stability points you will get from completing Echos.

Shade of Orobyss

corruption description

Other than Timeline Bosses, you can also run into Shade of Orobyss encounters. These encounters are mini-boss fights, yet still pretty challenging. Taking them down resets the Timeline and increases the Timelines Corruption level.

The main Timeline Boss can still be fought, as the Stability Bar does not get reset. Higher Timeline Corruption means better rewards. The shade of Orobyss fights farther away from the center of the Timeline have a greater effect on Corruption

Make your way through all the Timelines in a Monolith and earn the maximum amount of loot. These drops are extremely unique and the best way for you to progress in the late game of Last Epoch.

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