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Kena Bridge of Spirits: All Charmstones Location Guide

Charmstones provide you with certain bonuses depending on which one you’re using, and there are lots of them to collect in the game.




With the release of Spirits Anniversary update, a lot of new players are eager to try playing Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Also, the fact that the game is now on Steam makes it even more accessible to those who were initially interested in playing it.

That said, there are several mechanics in the game that will help enhance your character as a whole. One of them is the charmstones which grant various bonuses when equipped. As of right now, there are a total of 15 charmstones that you can find during your first playthrough. Meanwhile, there are 5 more that are available in NG+.

For the purposes of this guide, we’ll only be covering the first 15 charmstones and their respective locations.

All Charmstones Location Guide in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

All of the locations for all 15 charmstones are thanks to Akifini’s Gaming. You can check out his video for a full rundown of where to find all charmstones and how to get to their locations.

You can come across all 15 charmstones throughout your playthrough. They are scattered all throughout the game, so if you’re really eager to collect all of them, then you’ll have to spend a bit more time. That said, here are the locations where you can find all of the charmstones:


The Recharge charmstone restores your shield energy to full after a successful parry. You can find it inside a chest in Rusu’s Backyard. Teleport to the Rusu’s Backyard waypoint, and from there, turn left and slide all the way down.

You’ll come across a huge glowing flower that you can grapple on to. To the right is the chest containing the Recharge charmstone.

Mended Strength

The Mended Strength charmstone increases your staff damage for several seconds each time you use a health flower. At the same time, your health flowers will also provide an increased healing effect. To find this, you’ll want to head over to Rusu’s House.

Once you get there, go all the way down until you come across a pulley cart. Ride on it and get to the other side and then turn right. The charmstone is inside the wooden chest to the right.

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Last Stand

This charmstone increases your damage while you’re down to last hit, which is essentially your last bit of health. You will also gain Courage at the same time. To find this charmstone, you’ll want to head over to trials, choose The Ruins, and complete the Forest Courtyard I trial.

This is actually a pretty trick trial as you need to complete it within 2 minutes without using health flowers and taking any damage. If you managed to meet all of those objectives, then you’ll obtain the Last Stand charmstone as a reward.

Changing Tide

Changing Tide grants bonus damage to your staff for several seconds after a successful parry. To get this, head over to the Water Shrine waypoint, go all the way up, and then turn left. You should be able to see huge flowers to grapple on to.

Grapple on to the first flower then immediately grapple to the second to the right. Lastly, grapple on to the third flower to the left, and just below it is the chest containing the charmstone.


The Champion charmstone greatly increases your staff damage for a few seconds after defeating an enemy. However, it will also increase the amount of damage you take. To get this charmstone, head over to the trials, choose Lost in the Woods, and complete the Corrupt Taro trial.

As with any other trial, you need to complete its bonus objectives to obtain the charmstone. For this one, you have to defeat the boss in under 3 minutes without using health flowers. Also, you have to shoot the boss’s lantern when it performs a grab attack.

Reckless Strength

Reckless Strength is a bit similar to the Champion charmstone, except that it only offers a moderate damage increase. It also greatly increases the amount of damage you receive from enemies. To get this, head over to the Storehouse and go through the entrance.

Keep going forward until you encounter a small ramp to the left with a huge boulder at the bottom. Throw a Rot Bomb at the boulder and use your Rot Arrow to cause it to levitate and turn it upside down. This will allow you to get to the upper floor.

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Just follow the path that will take you to the lower level of the cave. Once you reach a wide-open area, go to the right corner and look for some glowing stones.

Throw a Rot Bomb at them then fire a Rot Arrow afterward. They will then reveal the chest containing the charmstone.


Recovery lets you regain health for a few seconds with your staff attacks once you take damage. However, it will remove any last hit protection that you have. To get this charmstone, go to the trials, choose Energy of the Mountain, and complete the Plateau Reservoir trial.

For this one, you have to energize 5 bomb targets, shoot 20 bomb target crystals, and shoot 130 Whirly Bird targets.


As the name implies, Healing lets you gain health anytime you’re collecting courage. To get this, head over to Rufus’ Barn, cross the wooden bridge, and then turn right. Plunge into the river and keep swimming until you find a path on the left side.

Simply follow the path until you come across the chest containing this charmstone.

Battle Cry

Battle Cry moderately increases your damage for a few seconds when collecting courage. You can get this from a chest near Forge Path. To find it, head over to Forge Path, turn right, and go all the way down until you reach the waterfall.

At the corner is a small dock with a few barrels alongside the chest containing the charmstone.

Half Moon

This charmstone moderately increases your damage while you’re at 50% HP and below. It will also cause you to lose all courage on last hit. To get this, head over to the Forge and follow the wooden platform on the side of the mountain.

Go all the way down and swim across the small lake to get to a wooden platform on the other side. Here, you’ll find the chest containing the charmstone.

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Seismic moderately increases the damage of your bombs. You can find this inside a chest near the Village Heart Entrance. To do so, head over to the location, and go left until you arrive at the waterfall. Here, you will notice some boulders lying around which you can use as a platform.

Make your way to the top and keep going forward. The chest will be near the barrels at the end.


This charmstone provides moderate damage increase when you’re at full health. It also allows you to gain a small amount of health with every successful parry. This one is by far the hardest charmstone to obtain as you’ll need to go through the cave not far from the Village Heart Entrance.

The cave will involve lots of puzzles that you need to solve in order to progress. Basically, you will find a wall near the end of the cave that you need to destroy. Inside, you’ll find the chest to the right side of the room.

Borrowed Life

The Borrowed Life charmstone restores a bit of health each time you defeat an enemy. To get this, you need to complete the Rufus’ Barn trial under Fires of the Forge. For this trial, you need to finish in under 9 minutes without using any health flowers.

You should also defeat 5 enemies using Rot Cloud.


Arrowhead increases the damage of your bow after defeating an enemy. You can obtain this from the Valley Overlook trial under Between Realms. To achieve that, you have to shoot 80 Whirly Bird targets, shoot 10 Golden Whirly Bird targets, and take zero damage throughout the trial.


The last one we have is Resilience which moderately increases staff damage for a few seconds after taking damage. It also causes you to lose courage on last hit. To get this, head over to the Mask Maker Path waypoint, and then keep going forward until you come across a house.

You’ll be able to find the chest containing it on the right side of the house overlooking the cliff.

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