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Karahatag Shrine All Puzzle Solutions – Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Obtain a Light of Blessing by clearing the puzzle inside the shrine.




The Karahatag Shrine is one of the many shrines you’ll encounter during your adventure.

It’s located in the region of Gerudo Valley, and just like other shrines, it has a series of puzzles waiting for you to solve.

Solving the puzzle inside the shrine will reward you with a Light of Blessing, a type of item you can use to upgrade your health and stamina, among others.

That said, we’ll walk you through the Karahatag Shrine and the solutions to its puzzle.

How to Solve the Karahatag Shrine Puzzle in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Source: Game Guides Channel

To get started, you want to make your way to the entrance to the shrine in the Southern Oasis south of Gerudo Town. Enter the portal to the shrine to get started.

Once you get inside, you’ll notice that the first door is locked. Just right next to it is a burning brazier with a torch lying on the ground beside it.

Source: Game Guides Channel

Pick up the torch and equip it, and then hit the brazier to light it up. Then, look slightly to the upper left of the door to find a small vent.

Throw the torch at the holder inside the vent; doing so will open the locked door immediately. Go through the door and climb up the ladder in front of you.

Source: Game Guides Channel

Once you get to the upper floor, you’ll notice a huge candle to the far right. Pick it up and then place it on one of the white tiles on the floor.

Before you proceed, you want to look at the ledge to your right. You’ll be able to notice an alcove to the far right. Glide toward it to open a chest containing a Mighty Construct Bow.

Solving the Final Puzzle

After looting the Mighty Construct Bow, use your Ascend ability to head back to the upper level. From there, you want to step on the pressure plate right in front of you.

This will lower the floor up ahead where the candle is.

Next, use your Ultrahand ability to lift the candle and hold it for at least a second. This will light up the vent directly above it.

Pick up the candle and place it on the white tile in the middle this time.

Go back to the pressure plate, and same as before, use your Ultrahand to lift the candle and hold it up for a second before releasing it. It will also raise the floor the candle is in.

Step on the pressure plate one more time then lift the candle all the way to the top and hold it there for a second to light up the vent above it.

Pick up the candle once again, and this time, place it on the white tile in the far left corner. Step on the pressure plate then do the same steps you did previously.

Once all the vent has been lit, a brief cutscene will then play, showing you that the door to the right is now open. Go through right and examine the sigil up ahead.

This will reward you with the Light of Blessing for completing the shrine’s puzzle.

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