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Is OlliOlli World Cross-Play/Cross-Platform?

Some fans want to know if they’ll be able to hang out with their friends in OlliOlli World, no matter which console they’re on.

Anthony Samaroo



One of the best things about going to the skatepark is hanging out with friends. That being said, although OlliOlli World has been well received by both fans and critics alike, they haven’t managed to fully recreate the social aspect of real-life skateboarding.

However, there is still a bit of hope for fans of this wacky and vibrant skateboarding game.

Cross-Play/Cross-Platform In OlliOlli World

OlliOlli World has two main multiplayer modes – Gnarvana League and Gnarvana Portal. These two modes are categorized as “asynchronous multiplayer”, which means that players will take part in shared activities but they won’t be concurrently playing.

Roll7, the developer behind OlliOlli World, has stated that the leaderboards in both of these modes are cross-platform. This means that you will at least be able to get the satisfaction of beating your friends’ high scores no matter where they’re playing.

All in all, these two multiplayer experiences are fun but somewhat limited. On one hand, Gnarvana League simply challenges players to beat the high scores of their friends, for bragging rights and to unlock rewards (such as cosmetic items).

Meanwhile, Gnarvana Portal is notably different, being somewhat reminiscent of popular level builders like Mario Maker. Players can determine the style, difficulty, and length of their custom level and then share it via an eight-digit code once the game generates it.

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Terraria: Labor of Love | Shimmer Guide

One of the things that stand out in the Labor of Love Content is the Shimmer Liquid which has now become available early in the game.





In old versions of Terraria, the Shimmer liquid is part of the end game content. That means you will have access to it only when you’ve progressed further into the game.

In the Labor of Love content, the Aether Mini Biome is randomly spawned into the world and all you need to do is look for it.

Depending on how fast you can dig, you will be able to gain access to the Aether Mini Biome early in the game which opens up different item conversions which we will be discussing further on.

In this guide, we will show you the different uses for the Shimmer liquid in Terraria 1.4.4.

Labor of Love Shimmer Guide in Terraria

The shimmer liquid affects items in the game in different ways. Items that are crafted from different materials will sometimes disassemble when thrown into the liquid.

Throw items into the liquid to disassemble or upgrade existing items

Other items get upgraded to new versions of items exclusive in the latest update. Examples of this are the Life Crystal which turns into a vital crystal in the pool. This grants permanent regeneration boosts.

Another item is the Rod of discord. Throwing that into the pool will change it into a rod of Harmony where you can use the rod’s ability to teleport without suffering any debuff from use.

Try throwing different items to see their results

NPCs that fall into the liquid will change their appearances and if you fall into the pond, you will be sucked down and pass through blocks. Try to throw in different items and test out their results.

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