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How to Measure Distance (Meters) in Last Epoch

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Last Epoch has a total of 15 different masteries spread evenly within the 5 main classes. This leads to the game having over 100 skills that players can unlock and use. Of course, having variety is a good thing, but the variety can make understanding the Skills a bit harder.

A lot of the Skills in the Last Epoch use distance in their tooltips when describing them. This is especially the case for Skills that have an area of effect damage or have some sort of Aura. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t do the best job of helping players measure distance in the game.

How to Measure Distance (Meters)

The game doesn’t have an exact way to measure distance, as there are no in-game indicators for it. One of the best ways in which you can measure distance is by using Training Dummies.

training dummy with circle around it

You can find Training Dummies at the Champion’s Gate in Last Epoch. These dummies are quite useful for testing your DPS or new skills, but they can also help you measure distance.

There is a small circle around these Training Dummies, as seen in the image above. This circle has a radius of 6 meters, which is what “Nearby” is in the game. You can use the 6-meter measurement to help you measure other distances.

You won’t be able to make exact measurements, but you can still get a better understanding of the distance in this game. If you are looking to do more damage in Last Epoch, understanding distances in this game will help you out a lot.

the cauldron of blood skill with the distance highlighted.

So for example, the Cauldron of Blood Skill tells us that the Skill affects enemies within a 15-meter range. Knowing how much 6 meters is in the game, we can roughly figure out what distances like 15 are.

With no dedicated way to measure distance, it’s very hard to get the exact distance. The best thing to do here is just get used to the Skill, and playing a good amount with it will help you get the distance.

Being able to measure exact distances helps greatly in utilizing Skills to their maximum potential. Last Epoch regularly sees updates, and many players will be hoping the Devs add some way to measure distance in the game.

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