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How to Level Up Fast in Enshrouded

Maximize your XP gain to unlock the best late game items




There are a lot of benefits to leveling up fast in Enshrouded. Other than the stat points you gain, you also gain access to stronger and better gear.

The leveling system in the game rewards players with XP(experience points) for many different things.

We will be looking at the best way for you to maximize your XP gain and level up fast in Enshrouded. Our detailed guide will help you get better items from your levels and make beating enemies and bosses easier.

How to Level Up Fast

There are multiple ways in which you can gain a lot of XP to level up your character fast. The 3 main things every player should be looking to do are:

  • Exploring the map
  • Completing various quests
  • Farming groups of enemies.

Exploring the map

XP gained from exploring a new location

Exploring uncharted areas of the map might seem a bit intimidating early on, but the XP reward makes it very worth it. The game will reward you for simply discovering a new area of interest, so make sure to explore new places.

There are also a lot of lore pages you can find lying around in Enshrouded. You can earn a lot of XP by just reading these pages. So pay special attention to various items and drops you find when exploring new areas.

Completing Various Quests

Quest description and award available for completing the quest

Besides the main quests in the game, there are tons of other side quests or mini-quests available. Most of the time, these quests will reward you with XP upon completion.

Sometimes they also reward you with another item that can be very useful. There is also a good chance that you encounter some enemies during the quest, defeating these enemies will also help you level up.

Farming Groups of Enemies

For players who are willing to give some time to farming XP, they can earn a lot by farming specific places on the map.

Markers indicating ideal locations to farm enemies for XP

The pink/purple areas marked on the map are locations within the shroud that give you a great way to earn a ton of XP.

You will find a lot of enemies within this area, and defeating them all will reward you with XP. To farm areas like this for XP, you can come back to them after some time, and the enemies there will have respawned.

Make sure you are properly prepared when you venture into the shroud. Besides having the best weapons and armor, make sure you have the right consumables and upgrades to deal with the shroud.

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