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How to get the ENERGY POWER PACK in RB Battles

What does this button do?

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how to get the energy power back in rb battles

At first, Roblox may come off as a game that has a chance to intimidate its players, especially on their first time. With the plethora of games that you can try RB Battles is definitely a good start as it’s one of the more popular games. The game currently has over 400,000 favorites so go ahead and try it for yourself! Naturally you would want to have an edge over others when playing so in this guide we will teach you how to get the energy power pack in RB Battles, in case you are still wondering how to actually do it.

RB Battles: How to get the ENERGY POWER PACK

Before starting, the very first thing that you need to do is to get the Russo Skin. That can be easily found in the season two skin shop. If you haven’t bought it yet during the last season it will cost you some coins.

how to get the energy power back in rb battles2

Once you’re suited up you will want to head on over towards the punching bag. If the bridge isn’t there yet go ahead and take a left turn at the end of the road and just click on the red button.

how to get the energy power back in rb battles3

Once you click on the red button a bridge will appear, but first you will need to head back up and get the robot to make sure that you can activate the punching bag. Be quick though, you only have a few seconds to do this.

how to get the energy power back in rb battles4

Click on the fingerprint scanner to get inside the room to the left. Now head back down again with the robot and click on the punching bag.

how to get the energy power back in rb battles5

Once you show that lifeless red bag whose boss you will receive your energy power pack and can easily equip it at the outer city shop.  Now you know how to get an energy power pack for yourself!

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