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How to Get Lime Materials in Skull and Bones

Get tons of Lime!




Lime is a very common resource used to craft items in Skull and Bones. 1 of the 4 “Military Specialized Materials, you will need a good amount of Lime all throughout the game. So, how exactly do you get Lime?

Like all resources in this game, there are specific locations where you can find Lime. We will be looking at the best place to find Lime, and what you will need to do to get it.

How to Get Lime

tracking lime through the codex

Skull and Bones allows you to track any material that you want using the Codex. You can find Lime under the “Specialized Materials” section inside your Codex. After selecting Lime from here, you will be able to see Clues on where to find Lime. The clues are there to help you get to the Lime.

Under the Clues, there will be an option for you to track the Lime. Depending on the platform you are playing on, you will be able to track the resource by simply pressing a button. In our case its “A” on the Xbox.

marker for lime on the map when you track it

Tracking a material will show you where you need to go to find that material. You can then use a waypoint to go to the location marked on the map. The tracking system in Skull and Bones can be used to track any resource.

Ungwana Ships

a confederate of ungwana ship showing the loot you can get from it

Once you get to the location, there will be plenty of “Confederate of Ungwana” ships here. Lime is a very common drop from these Ungwana ships, so take down as many as you can. These ships can gang up on you, so be wary about that before engaging with them.

Upon taking down a ship, you will automatically get the loot from that ship. Be sure to collect plenty of Lime, as coming back to these Ungwana ships every time will take a lot of time. Lime is an extremely valuable resource, so it won’t hurt to have some extra.

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