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How to Destroy Creeping Ivy in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

This ivy says you shall not pass? Prove it wrong!




You will find some strange plants known as Creeping Ivy as you explore the world in Banishers: Ghost of New Eden, and they will prevent you from exploring certain paths until you destroy them.

Learn a specific ability to be able to destroy the ghostly power that brings the Creeping Ivy to life and you will gain access to brand new areas. It’s definitely something you must learn to see everything the game has to offer!

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to destroy any dumb Creeping Ivy that dares stand in your way.

How to Destroy Creeping Ivy

Ensnare ability

You can only destroy Creeping Ivy by using the Ensnare ability, which you unlock fairly late into the game. Don’t stress out, though: Creeping Ivy only ever blocks you from checking out optional paths related to late-game quests and loot.

Nonetheless, Creeping Ivy works somewhat like the Spectral Webs do, since they require a specific ability.

Anyway, you’ll get the Ensnare ability naturally once you complete the Haunting Case in The Harrows. Decide Firefax Haskell’s fate at the end of the questline and rest at a shelter to view a scene with Antea and Red, unlocking Ensnare for you.

With your fancy new ability under your ghostly belt, you just have to approach the Creeping Ivy again.

Creeping Ivy example

Cast Ensnare as Antea to reveal a pair of red circles in the area, known as Wisps. They can be tricky to spot and they vary for every single Creeping Ivy, but they usually appear close to the Creeping Ivy itself.

Shooting a red Wisp orb

Hunt these pesky Wisps down and shoot them with Red’s rifle to destroy them!

The Creeping Ivy is banished

Once you destroy all of the Wisps in the area, you will also banish the annoying Creeping Ivy. You truly are the Banishers! Puns aside, you’re now free to explore whatever path the Creeping Ivy was blocking.

In short, just use Antea’s Ensnare ability to make some Wisps spawn, then shoot them up with Red’s rifle to destroy the Creeping Ivy.

The process is the same every single time, so now you know what to do whenever these ugly vines block your path! Destroy them to find brand-new areas.

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