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How To Complete Quest 4 In Persona 5 Tactica

Kill enemies quickly in the name of art!




Quest 4 in Persona 5 Tactica is an interesting challenge. You’re tasked with defeating a group of 6 enemies in a single turn, all for the sake of Yusuke’s art!

You’ll need to carefully plan out your attacks and make good use of 1 More since you only get a single turn to win.

In this guide, we’ll take you step by step through completing this challenging quest!

How to Complete Quest 4 | Once More, With Feeling!

Quest 4 tasks us with killing a group of 6 enemies in a single turn. As usual, making good use of 1 More will be key to victory!

Your party for this quest is Yusuke and Makoto, which are locked in and can’t be changed. You can put anyone in your third-party slot, but we’ll be using Haru for her Psi abilities.

Quest 4 Persona 5 Tactica
Source: ae0narcana

Speaking of Psi, you should equip the Kodama Sub-Persona on Makoto so that she has access to Psi as well as her usual Frei skills!

The basic plan of attack is to use Frei, Psi, and melee attacks to move enemies around. Once they’re in the proper spots, you’ll execute a Triple Threat attack to instantly dispatch them! Simple enough, right?

Every Step to Completing Quest 4 in Persona 5 Tactica

Start the battle by taking control of Haru. She’s surrounded by barrels, so her mobility is extremely limited.

Haru Cast Psio Quest 4

Regardless, have Haru cast Psio on the enemy on the watchtower to the left.

This should pull them to the corner of the watchtower and also free the panel they were standing on.

Now, command Yusuke to climb that same watchtower.

Stand on the boost panel and use the Dash command to jump over to the other watchtower.

Position Yusuke on the far side of the one enemy on this tower and execute a melee attack to knock them to the ground. Just like that, Fox!

Quest 4 Yusuke Position

While still in control of Yusuke, position him on the corner of the tower that is diagonally opposite of your current one. Then, take one step back so that Yusuke is one square away from the corner.

If that sounds confusing, just refer to the image above! Your Yusuke should be positioned exactly like this.

Either way. you should be overlooking two enemies, with one of them being the one that Yusuke previously knocked down.

Use Bufu on the enemy to Yusuke’s right to get a 1 More, then spend the extra turn casting Bufu on it again. This should kill it, while also preventing Yusuke from moving anymore.

Makoto Finishes Things Up

Quest 4 Makoto

It’s now Makoto’s time to shine! Take control of her and have her climb up the watchtower directly in front of her.

Position Makoto on top of the boost panel and then use her Persona.

Cast Frei on the close enemy by the barrel on the ground level, which should also hit the enemy on the opposite watchtower and pull them in.

Use Dash on the boost panel to make Makoto jump over to the next watchtower.

Position her so that she’s as close to the far corner of the watchtower as possible, which should look like the image above.

By now you should notice that all of the enemies are inside of your Triple Threat area of effect, with one exception. It’s time for Makoto to use her Kodama Sub-Persona!

Have Makoto cast Psi on the ground-level enemy that’s next to her watchtower. They’re hiding behind a barrel, but Psi will pull them into the range of Triple Threat.

All that’s left to do now is to use Triple Threat! Make absolutely sure that every enemy is inside of the area of effect first, though.

Quest 4 Triple Threat

If they aren’t, you can move Haru around slightly to adjust it.

Once ready, execute the attack and all enemies should be defeated, completing the quest!

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