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How to Change Outfits in Skull and Bones

Who said pirates can’t be fashionistas?




You might spend most of your time in Skull and Bones sailing the seven seas, but that’s no excuse to never change outfits!

Besides, as a multiplayer game, you will always want to make your character stand out from others. Thankfully, the game has a nice selection of cosmetics you can change between.

In this short guide, we’ll tell you how to change outfits, equip cosmetics, and even change your character’s appearance!

How to Change All Character Cosmetics (Outfits, Items, and More!)

How to Change Outfits in Skull and Bones - Vanity Atelier

It’s very easy to change outfits in this game, but you can only do it at certain buildings. Nope, you can’t do it from the menu! Instead, you will need to travel to a Vanity Atelier.

Most main city outposts have one of them available, with the first one you can find is the one at Saint-Anne. It’s your main hub early in the game, so it’s convenient to have a Vanity Atelier there!

You can find the Vanity Atelier on your map and compass thanks to its mirror-shaped icon.

Vanity Atelier menu and clerk

Once you find the building, you just need to enter it and speak with the Vanity Atelier clerk. They’ll give you two options, “Purchase & Equip Items” and “Change Physical Appearance”.

“Purchase & Equip Items” will allow you to buy new cosmetics, as you might imagine. The selection expands as you increase your Infamy Rank, as well.

Cosmetics Shop menu at the Vanity Atelier

Additionally, it will allow you to equip any cosmetic items you’ve previously acquired. You can get some from vendors across the world, the Black Market, or even from DLC and Pre-Purchase bonuses.

“Change Physical Appearance” will instead allow you to go back to the Character Creation menu. It has all of the same options, including gender. You can freely make a new character, basically.

All in all, the Vanity Atelier is your one-stop shop to change outfits and get new cosmetics. Now you know where you need to go whenever you want to get in on the latest pirate fashion trends!

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