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How to ACTIVATE the Subway Door in RB Battles

What is this code for?

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how to activate the subway door in rb battles

Roblox always had different games within it to the point where it starts looking like a game development platform than just a game. Some of the games developed in Roblox can be quite simple while others have a chance of being complex. You’d be surprised what kind of games you can find in Roblox. RB Battles is one of the more complex games, and in this guide we will teach you how to open the subway door in RB Battles for those who are still confused on how to actually do it.

RB Battles: How to ACTIVATE the Subway Door

Once you’re in the first thing you would want to do is to head on over down to the elevator where you can type in the code that lets you inside Mr. Boringsworoth’s lab. Remember to watch out for the fan blade on your way down!

Remember to not type in the regular code when you get there because there’s actually a special code that you will be using to get through. The code that you will be putting in is 10932210332102.

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After inputting the code press the pound key on the bottom right of the panel and it should say “Subway Door Activated” on your first try. If you type in the code again the only message you will receive is “Denied.”

As for the elusive Subway Door there hasn’t been any news about what it does or where it even is so for now it’s best to keep an eye out for future developments. And that’s it!

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