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Helldivers 2: Ultimate Aiming Guide

Aim and fire!

Kaylee Nancarrow



Helldivers 2: Aiming Guide

Helldivers2 is a popular third-person-based shooter game where the elite combat forces of the Helldivers battle against an alien invasion. To survive the dueling mission ahead, players have an expansive arsenal of Machine guns, Pistols, SMGs, and Rifles on board.

To process through the journey that awaits, players will need to hit the target more than once, and aiming becomes an essential skill to possess. Here’s everything you need to know about aiming in Helldivers2.

Aiming Guide

If you’re new to combat shooter games or just a beginner in Helldivers2, there are numerous aiming modes that you can use to your benefit.

Different Aiming Modes

First-person shooter mode

Most combat games are by default played in first-person shooter mode. First-person shooter mode gives the player a broad perspective of the terrain and approaching enemies. In this mode, a player’s aim is centered in the middle of the screen, as seen in the image above.

Similarly to other combat shooter games, you aim with the mouse button/ L2 button. Make sure to position the target in line with the aim on-screen and fire!

Third-person shooter

If you seem to be off target in first-person shooter mode, you can always switch to third-person shooting mode. Third-person shooter mode is a close up and essentially you’ll be looking down at the sight of a gun.

To aim in this shooting mode, place the target in the center of the sight scope, as seen in image above, and fire. Third-person shooter mode may be more accurate than first-person shooter mode, however, it also blocks out any approaching enemies.

Game settings

You can switch from first-person to third-person shooting mode by pressing the middle mouse button/ R3. You can also switch your player aiming mode under the “Controller” settings option.

Motion controls

In addition, Helldivers2 is one of the few games with motion controls for PS5. To aim with motion controls, move the controller in the direction of the onscreen target and fire a few rounds.

Remember practice makes perfect, so keep shooting!

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