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Helldivers 2: The Best Hangar Stratagems

Finish off your loadout with these Stratagems




Helldivers 2 has a ton of options for players to choose from when it comes to picking their loadout. Other than your weaponry, you also get to pick from a variety of Stratagems.

Stratagems have many different types in this game, and one of these types are the Hangar Stratagems. These Stratagems excel due to their quick usage, making them ideal for fast paced gameplay. We will be looking at what the best Hangar Stratagems are in Helldivers 2.

The Best Hangar Stratagems

Picking the right Stratagems is very important in Helldivers 2, as Stratagems help you round out your loadout. Stratagems are extremely strong, but all Stratagems are not the same in this respect. There are some that are significantly stronger than the others.

The same is the case for Hangar Stratagems. Some of these are much better than the others, and the strongest ones are the ones we will focus on in this guide. In total there are 8 Stratagems in the Hangar category. We have picked out 3 that in most cases will be the best from the Hangar Stratagems.

Eagle Cluster Bomb

calling down an eagle cluster bomb

The first Hangar Stratagem on our list is the Eagle Cluster Bomb. This damage dealing Stratagem utilizes the Eagle to call down a deadly air strike at a location. The Eagle Cluster Bomb is very easy to use and the air strike comes down in a matter of seconds.

High damage with a low cooldown make this a must have from the Hangar category. Using the Eagle Cluster Bomb is most effective when dealing with massive hordes of enemies. One cluster bomb on most enemies will wipe out all of them.

Eagle 500kg Bomb

the explosion from an eagle 500kg bomb

If you are looking for something that can deal signifcantly more damage than the Eagle Cluster Bomb, then look no further than the Eagle 500kg Bomb. Like the cluster bomb, this Stratagem also utilizes the eagle to call in a deadly airstrike.

What makes the 500kg bomb more devastating is the size of its blast. You can pretty much deal with large hordes of enemies or deal significant damages to bosses with this airstrike. The Eagle 500kg Bomb has a higher cooldown than the cluster bomb, but the damage more than makes up for it.

Jump Pack

the jump pack being used

The Jump Pack is the only Hangar Stratagem that doesn’t deal damage. It is still one of the best ones due to how much utility it provides. Mobility in a game like Helldivers 2 can be the difference between life and death, and the Jet Pack is the best Stratagem when it comes to mobility.

It’s a fairly simple Stratagem to use, as it is basically a jetpack. Once you get a hang of it, you will be able to reposition yourself in fights and avoid a lot of damage. The Jump Pack must be called down when you are inside a mission.

If playing solo, then the Jump Pack is probably one of the best Stratagems to have equipped. Mobility becomes even more important when there are no allies with you to cover your back.

So there you have it, our take on the best Stratagems to pick from the Hangar category. there are plenty of other Hangar Stratagems too though, and many of them fill different niches. Pick the ones you like to round out your loadout in Helldivers 2.

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