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Helldivers 2: How to Destroy Silos

Fight for the galaxy, for freedom, and for the bomb bombs




Helldiver 2 complete mission how to destroy silos

Many missions aren’t well explained in Helldiver 2, and this is why learning how to destroy silos is so important before playing. In this third-person shooter, you will be asked to destroy structures without instructions on how to do it. You can do this blindly, but you will probably end up dying surrounded by robots.

This lack of information isn’t a good reason to stop doing any mission you want or die before you can complete it. Here, we will explain how to destroy fuel silos and which alternative options are available to fulfill these missions.

How to Destroy Silos

Silos, or Fuel Silos, are cylindrical structures with red lights that are used to reserve fuel in Helldivers 2. Because of this, those and other key buildings will most likely be a target in some missions. There are a couple of ways you could destroy them, which are:

Use a Hellbomb

Stratagems are powerful tools that you can use during missions to survive. The Hellbomb is one of the options you have available that can destroy buildings and can only be used when applicable. When you are close to the silo, you will suddenly see the Hellbomb in your stratagem list. Summon it, place it near the Silo, activate the terminal, and run for your life.

Using hellbomb in Helldiver 2 to destroy silos

We highly suggest that you destroy all the enemies in your surroundings before doing this. You might think that the explosion will do the trick and kill everyone, but you will probably be killed before you can place the bomb. Also, they can shoot the bomb before you set it, making it explode with you in a deadly radius.

Orbital Bombardment

If you can’t use the Hellbomb for any reason, you can call an Orbital Bombardment, like the Precision Orbital Strike. This isn’t the best method, but it can destroy the fuel silo after a few tries. This and other explosive Stratagems can be used to destroy structures, but they take longer and require multiple tries before getting anything done.

Helldiver 2 won’t teach you how to destroy silos, but we sure can. The methods we mention are the best ones; however, you could use other, less effective ones. Whichever you choose, now you know how to complete some missions without dying.

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