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Granblue Fantasy Relink: All Chest Locations in Chapter 3

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There are a total of 10 chests available for you to find in Chapter 3 of Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

Like in all chapters, some of the chests in this chapter are very well hidden and tricky to find. With chests in this game giving out a lot of loot and sometimes special items, you do not want to miss any.

Luckily for you, we will be going over all of the 10 chests available in this chapter and highlighting where you can find them and how to get to them.

All Chest Locations in Chapter 3

The chests in this list are listed in the order you find them in the chapter. Chest #1 is going to be the first chest you can find in the chapter, and chest #10 is going to be the last one you come across.

If you are a completionist, make sure you collect all the chests in the previous chapters too.

Chest #1

Chest 1

As soon as you start this chapter, you need to look straight to your right.

Chest 1

Over here, you will find the first chest at the end of this broken bridge.

Chest #2

Chest 2

The next chest will come naturally in your way while following the main quest marker. You will see a small wooden shack to your left, in which you will find the second chest.

Chest #3

Chest 3

You will have to complete an Omen Stone challenge in order to get the third chest. Omen Stones in Granblue Fantasy: Relink requires you to defeat a wave of enemies to complete them.

Chest 3

Once you have defeated the enemies, a chest will appear at the location of the Omen Stone. This will be the first golden chest you will get in this chapter. Golden chests in this game give you more loot than other chests and sometimes have additional items.

Chest #4

Chest 4

Continue following the main quest marker and eventually, you will find a series of platforms leading up. These platforms are indicated by an arrow in the image above.

Chest 4

Go up using these platforms and you will find a chest waiting for you at the top. Once you have looted this chest, you will need to go back down again.

Chest #5

Chest 5

Further along in your journey, you will come across a draw bridge. From this bridge, you will need to go to the right for the 5th chest.

Chest 5

You will find the chest as soon as you turn right. Once you loot this chest, there will be an enemy that drops down, so do keep that in mind.

Chest #6

Chest 6

The next chest in this chapter will come once you enter the mines. You will be able to see this chest very early on, and it will be there right in your path.

Chest #7

Chest 7

From the location of the previous chest, you will be able to see something shiny behind a bunch of barrels. This shiny thing is a Shrouded Treasure. You can go up to this Shrouded Treasure to start a challenge.

Chest 7

Shrouded Treasure challenges require you to collect all the Mirage stones in the area within a certain time limit.

Chest 7

Once you have collected all the Mirage Stones, a golden chest will appear at the location of the Shrouded Treasure.

Chest #8

Chest 8

There is another chest very close to the 2 you just opened. Head to the edge marked in the image above. You can see this directly from where you just completed the Shrouded Treasure challenge.

Chest 8

From the edge, you will need to drop down to a hidden platform below. Make sure you do this carefully and do not end up falling down.

Chest 8

Once you get down, you will be able to see another golden chest ready to be looted.

Chest #9

Chest 9

Eventually, upon leaving the Mine, you will need to move through a storm to progress the chapter. On your path, you will find the next chest just sitting there. The storm can make things a bit hard to see for you.

Chest #10

Chest 10

Right next to the 9th chest, you will find the final chest in this chapter. On the same path, behind the green stone, you can see the chest.

Once you have looted the last chest, you can go towards finishing the chapter and continuing your journey in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

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