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Granado Espada: Leveling Guide

Unlike most MMORPGs. Granado Espada gives you control over an entire family of characters, instead of just one. The level system is tailored to fit this system, which might be quite counterintuitive for new players.




Granado Espada has a pretty steep learning curve, as most old MMORPGs do. On top of that, it’s one of a very few games of its genre that actually has you controlling more than one character at a time.

So instead of leveling up your adventurer, you instead focus more on your collective family level. But how does that work?

Leveling Up in Granado Espada

Granado Espada: Leveling Guide

Each character you own has its own level. These work exactly like in every other RPG – you get enough experience, you level up. But on top of that, you have what is called a Family Level, which is much more important.

Family Level

Granado Espada: Leveling Guide Family level

Your family level depends on the number of characters you have in your family and their level. Each character takes up a spot in your family Barracks. Each Barrack holds 9 characters, but you can buy up to 24 barracks, though the more you purchase, the more they will cost you.

Quantity Over Quality

Granado Espada: Leveling Guide

The thing is, Family Level is much more important than Character Levels because each family level up will give you more points to use in the Family Attribute Temple. Distributing those will have an effect on every character you own – which means you should aim to get as many characters as you can, even if you’re not going to improve them right now. They’re just there to boost your family level.

Unique and Stock Characters

Granado Espada: Leveling Guide

However, remember that every duplicate of the character you already own gives less Family Experience. Try to get as many unique characters as you can, and keep in mind that stock characters count twice for each gender.

In fact, if you want to level up quickly, the best way is to fill up your barracks with stock characters immediately for Family Experience, and get rid of them once you’ll get a unique character that can fill their place. But this can make you so overpowered early in the game that it might suck out the entire fun of the game, so do it at your own risk.

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