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Granado Espada: How to Earn Family Reputation

Being a pretty old MMORPG, Granado Espada can be hard to get into if you’re just starting out. Getting Family Reputation can be particularly tricky, since there are very limited ways to do that.




Granado Espada has a lot of complicated systems that can be hard to understand. A lot of seemingly small things that can be done repeatedly in the game cost Family Reputation. Just because there aren’t many ways to earn it, players can be afraid to use this precious resource.

So, here are all the possible ways to earn Family Reputation.

How to Earn Family Reputation in Granado Espada

Granado Espada: How to Earn Family Reputation

The main source of Family Reputation are Scenario Quests and Recruitment Missions. Though these are technically finite, there is one quest that can be repeated once every day and it happens to reward you with Family Reputation as well – namely, Clock Tower Daily Quest.

Raids and Market

Granado Espada: How to Earn Family Reputation

Family Reputation is also a common drop found during raids. You can also earn it by selling story items in the market, though of course, you’ll need to have the market unlocked first. It becomes available when your family reaches level 20 and Completes the Viron scenario quest, called Final of Montoro.

Methods That No Longer Work

Back In the day, there was one more method to earn Family Reputation, by doing the Secret Tower Raid mission. However, with the latest patches, you can no longer earn a reputation this way. Keep that in mind, as some old-time players still mention this raid as one of the possible sources of Family Reputation.


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