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Go to the Vault & Find a Clue to the Sheet Music – One Piece Odyssey

Just find the hidden Vault under the ground!

David Mickov



If you want to be finding the Clue to the Sheet of Music in One Piece Odyssey you will need to be going and looking for a deep underground hidden Vault.

In this guide, we are going to show you where you need to head to be able to find this Vault. Let’s get started and point you in the right direction.

One Piece Odyssey – Go to the Vault & Find a Clue to the Sheet Music

Go To The Water Seven

Talk to Lim when you are inside the circle of people. Once here you will then choose the third choice or the Water Seven. It will then take you to another location where you need to head.

Go To The Tower Of Law

Once you teleport and get on the dock on the beach, you just need to head to the Full Area Map and then choose the Tower of Law to fast-travel to. We recommend choosing the Tower of Law Entrance since it will be very close to where you need to go to actually complete the quest.

Go To The Vault

This is how you need to follow the road to be able to head to the Vault which is underneath the entire building you will be in right now.

When you get to the lower level you will need to actually head one more level lower than that one too. Just find the stairs on the map as well and head toward them. Beware of the enemies you might come across.

You will need to switch on to Chopper for this one to be able and possible, however. Once you get through the hole and on the other side you will actually be inside the Vault.

Break The Vault Door

While inside the Vault you just need to find the Vault Door. It will be on the very corner of it. Walk toward it and use Zoro to actually break through it as usual. Once you get through it, you will finish the Vault Clue Sheet Music Quest. Congratulations!

We hope that this guide has helped you out on fiding the Clue to the Sheet Music inside the Vault. Have fun doing it yourself!

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