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Gloomhaven: What is a Side Scenario

Side Scenarios are quests players can do in Gloomhaven. But what exactly defines a Side Scenario?




Also known as Side Quests in the digital version of the game, Side Scenarios come in different types and are different from Core or Main scenarios. We’ll break them down for you.

What is a Side Scenario in Gloomhaven

There are a multitude of Side Scenarios in Gloomhaven. The unlock conditions vary, but they all have an easy way to recognize the fact that they are Side Scenarios and not main ones: their number. Side Scenarios are all scenarios starting with the number 52. Any scenario 52 and up is considered a Side Scenario.

Now, it’s also worth noting there’s multiple types of Side Scenarios, as follows.

What is a Side Scenario in Gloomhaven
  • Personal Quest Side Scenarios: these require you to complete the first objective of specific personal quests. After that, the side scenarios open up to allow you to finish the related character’s personal quest. The character will be retired upon completion.
  • Random Side Scenarios: these are randomly awarded as unlocks. You can get them from treasures in scenarios 1-8, 17-21 and 24-49.
  • Event Side Scenarios: these are obtained from different events. The primary method of unlocking these is through retiring or unlock certain characters.

Unlocking all of them will definitely take a while, but at least now you know you can easily tell apart Side and Core Scenarios by going off of their numbers. However, if you’re playing the digital version of Gloomhaven, you might have to look up scenario names as it doesn’t show numbers, but does separate Side Scenarios as “Side Quests”.

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