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Ghostwire Tokyo: How to Climb the Southern Tower | Crimson Moon Quest

The Southern Tower is one of the buildings you have to climb as part of the Crimson Moon quest in Ghostwire: Tokyo.




Making your way up the southern tower for this quest isn’t exactly straightforward. If you find yourself stuck and unable to find a way to climb the tower, we’ll help you. This guide will go over every step required to reach the rooftop of the building. This is where you can use the device given to you by Ed.

How to Climb the Southern Tower in Ghostwire Tokyo

How to Climb the Southern Tower in Ghostwire Tokyo

You’ll want to start from the street somewhat to the Northwest of the search area for this tower. Around this area, you’ll see a building with a big yellow crane nearby. Near here, there’s also a building with a big yellow ladder. A tengu flies above this area. You can use your grapple to get up to the tengu and then glide down to the building near the ladder.

How to Climb the Southern Tower in Ghostwire Tokyo

Once you land, climb up the ladder. Jump up to the higher section of the roof and look towards the search area. You’ll notice a structure to your left and a yellow elevator on the side of the building in front of you. Glide towards the structure to the left and then glide to the elevator. You can interact with the elevator to ride it up. After riding it, you’ll find another elevator to ride up close by.

Now simply deal with the enemies on the rooftop as you make your way higher by taking the stairs. It’s pretty straightforward at this point. Eventually, you’ll reach a point where your character will comment on the moon and say to use Ed’s device. Simply do so and you’ll have completed this section of the Crimson Moon quest.

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