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Genshin Impact: Unlock the Shop By Securing 32000 Funds Quest Guide

Help local and foreign merchants and get a secured fund in return.




Recently, miHoYo released the version 3.1 update of Genshin Impact. New modifications and features were added, including the Charity and Creativity Event. This is a mini-event under its main event Of Ballads and Brews.

One of your tasks here is to unlock the shop by securing worth 32000 funds. You can do this by completing the orders and requests of random merchants.

Basically, this mini-event is just an easy task. All you have to do is move around from one merchant to another.

To help you start, we made this guide to give you a walkthrough on how to unlock the shop.

Unlock the Shop By Securing 32000 Funds Quest Guide in Genshin Impact

To start with this quest, you have to teleport your way to Liyue Harbor and move to the docks where the merchants are located.

Upon arriving, talk to Quqing to talk about her order. After finishing the conversation, she will ask you to get her 65 cases of Mintberries. You will receive 22,000 Mora from Quqing. Use this to place an order for mintberries.

Head back to Springvale to talk over with Diane about the order. Talk to Diane and explain Quqing’s request. The good thing about this is Diane is too nice to entertain a bargain. Initially, she will offer it for 15,000 Mora. However, if you still try, you can get the order for 12,555 Mora. Make sure not to exceed going lower than 12,555 Mora. Otherwise, Diane will be mad.

Finish the conversation and return to Quqing to complete the first task.

Mountain Mixologist World Quest

Next will be the Mountain Mixologist World Quest. You have to go back to Liyue Harbor, but to the Qingce Village this time. Interact with Chef Guanchui and he will ask you for 100 cases of Fruits of the Festival. Chef Guanchu will give you 30,000 Mora for this order.

Head to Angel’s Share Bartender in Springvale for this order. Initially, Georg will give it to you for 24,000 Mora. But if you try, even more, you can get it at the lowest price possible which is 21,516 Mora.

Once Georg accepts your offer, return to Chef Guanchui and complete the task.

Angel’s Share Shop

Up next will be the Angel’s Share Shop wherein Georg is in need of some brewing ingredients because of the high demand. To do this task, go back to Angel’s Share Bartender and talk with Georg. Select I’d like to sell wine-making ingredients.

There are different ingredients you can sell to him but it will only limit to 5 per ingredient. The items you can sell are the following:

  • Apple
  • Sunsettia
  • Sweet Flower
  • Wolfhook
  • Valberry
  • Berry

By selling 5 of each ingredient, you will earn a total of 9,800 funds.

Cat’s Tail Shop

Lastly would be the cat’s Tail Shop. Same as the previous, this shop is also in need of some ingredients because of their high demands. Simply talk to Diane in Springvale. Then, select I’d like to sell wine-making ingredients.

Diane will only buy 5 of each ingredient you can offer to her. Here is a list of all the ingredients you can sell her:

  • Snapdragon
  • Mint
  • Pinecone
  • Horsetail
  • Dandelion Seed

By selling 5 of each to Diane, you can collect a total of 7,225 funds.

Event Rewards

After finishing all the tasks, you can now unlock the event shop. Plus, there are also some rewards that you can receive. This includes 50 Primogem, 21 Festive Fever, 50,000 Mora, and 5 Mystic Enhancement Ore.

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SWTOR G.A.M.E. Reputation Guide for Galactic Season 3

How far will your reputation take you?

Nicole Barelli



swtor game reputation guide for galactic season 3

Star Wars: The Old Republic is BioWare MMORPG based on the acclaimed Star Wars universe. As Galactic Season 3 kicked in, so did new challenges. Today, we’re talking about G.A.M.E., a new reputation system introduced along with this new season.

G.A.M.E. Reputation Guide for Galactic Season 3 – SWTOR

In SWTOR, Galactic Seasons are long seasonal events that grant limited-time rewards upon the completion of daily and weekly challenges dubbed Priority Objectives. Subscribers earn extra rewards, but everyone can participate.

Season 3, titled Luck of the Draw, brought with it the Gambling Authority and Management Entity, popularised by the acronym G.A.M.E. Basically, it’s a new form to track your reputation. But it comes with a few differences.

Unlike the other reputation tracks, G.A.M.E. is tied into Season 3. Another difference is that you won’t be able to see the reputation track for G.A.M.E. until you earn 1 reputation point with the faction.

swtor game reputation guide for galactic season 3 2
Source: Swtorista from YouTube

First of all, you’ll need to unlock the first level of the Season 3 track. This will allow you to claim the PH4-LNX Protocol Lockbox and, with it, activate the new companion, PH4-LNX (Fey, as she likes to be called).

As you play through Season 3, you might notice that some quests and enemy drops give a new type of currency known as the G.A.M.E. Analysis Module.

When Fey is on your ship, you can take those Modules to her and convert them into G.A.M.E. reputation. Each Module is worth 25 Reputation Points (37 if you’re a Subscriber).

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Note that you can only hold up to 200 Analysis Modules and only earn up to 200 per week. Additionally, you can only earn 5.000 Reputation Points per week, no matter how many boosts you have.

If you’re wondering about the math of it all, you’ll need 70.000 Reputation Points to reach max reputation, which accounts for 2.800 Modules without any boost. Good luck!

(And I’m sorry to report there are no ways to farm the Modules. Having Fey as your companion, however, increases the chance of enemies dropping more of the item. You can also trade 500 Jawa Junk (purple) for Jawa Intel with Brrazz in Cartel Bazaar.)

swtor game reputation guide for galactic season 3 3
Source: Swtorista from YouTube

There are two bugs worth mentioning. One, be careful with skipping Fey’s dialogue since it might cause the Reputation Points to not enter your inventory.

Second, if you’re in a group, you might be unable to talk to Fey at all. To correct that, you’ll need to leave the group, turn in your Modules, and then re-join the group.

Now, for the big question: what are the rewards?

You can earn three legacy titles associated with G.A.M.E.: G.A.M.E. Representative, Mid-level Management, and Deputy Director of G.A.M.E.

Aside from that, the G.A.M.E. reputation track is actually more about helping you to earn rewards on the Season Tracker faster, so don’t expect unique rewards here.

Either way, I hope you enjoy Season 3 of Star Wars: The Old Republic!

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