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Genshin Impact: Soheil’s Wish Quest Guide

Follow this guide to complete the quest.




There are new World Quests that you can perform in the 3.1 version of Genshin Impact. You must complete the first one before moving on to the final World Quest because they are connected. One of these quests is Soheil’s Wish, and we’ll show you how to finish it.

Soheil’s Wish Quest Guide in Genshin Impact

You must finish both of these World Quests: Golden Slumber and Dual Evidence, before you may access Soheil’s Wish. After completing the tasks, all that’s left to do is teleport to the waypoint in Aaru Village and speak with Soheil to start.

Soheil’s Quest Guide

Three sub-quests for the world quest will be given to you after you have finished speaking with Soheil.

Invisible Barrier

You will obtain these points on your map. Our first stop will be the remains to the south of the Khemenu Temple. Go south after teleporting to the waypoint in the Khemenu Temple.

There is a barrier around the ruins, so you must enter. Collect the Primal Light.

Bring it to the Keystone Replicator. Touch the cell and look around until you find a hidden mechanism in the sand. Dig it up with Anemo, and turn it on. A hidden door with an exquisite chest inside will be visible; open it to finish the ruin.

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To reach the next ruin, teleport to the Statue of the Seven north of Khemenu Temple.

When you get to the ruins, you need to locate a sealed device that is being protected by a lone Primal Construct. Defeat it to release the lock on the door’s unlocking mechanism.

To generate a Verity Cell, enter the building, collect the Primal Light, and then transport it to the Replicator Keystone. When you approach the ruin, interact with the cell to show the invisible barrier.

When you reach a small opening on the floor, look up and continue along the path. Once you unlock an exquisite chest, the ruin will be complete.

The next ruin is located north of the King Deshret Mausoleum. Go to the ruin by teleporting to the Garden of Endless Pillar Domain.

Once inside, turn left and use a device to unlock a door with a Primal Light and an Exquisite Chest. To call a cell, bring it to the Replicator Keystone. Rotate the cell twice.

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Turn right from the cell and enter through the opened door. Unlock the Exquisite Chest to reveal an important document that will finish the ruin.

The last ruin is located north of the Dune of Elusion. The entrance is located northeast; teleport to the waypoint in the Dune of Elusion and move in that direction.

Visit the Replicator Keystone with the Primal Light. The cell will instantly connect with the one you spawned by bringing the Primal Light to the Replicator Key, so do not rotate it. This opens a door that contains an Exquisite Chest, and opening it will finish the ruin.

Hidden Mercenaries

Head south after teleporting to the waypoint in the image mentioned above. Make sure to keep quiet around any patrolling Eremites.

To discover the door’s hidden code, keep pursuing a female Eremite with a yellow light on top of her head. Interact with the mechanism in front of the huge door.

Choose the first option, “Marg bar parvezravan.” Head inside and find the chest depicted in the image above to complete the sub-quest. Inside are numerous chests that you can also claim.

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Desert’s Remembrance

Teleport to the Waypoint in the Land of Lower Setekh, Sumeru. You need to get to the top of the pyramid, but you must first solve a puzzle.

Enter and descend the hole. The Everlight Cell is on the left; turn the cell twice. To change the Prism to blue, return there and interact with it.

From your location, proceed to the right and receive a Primal Light.

Bring the Primal Light to a Replicator Keystone to create an Obscuring Cell. Return to the Prism and turn it to red. Go down the hole once again and head to the right.

You will find an Obscuring Cell. Interact with the wall to remove it and open the mechanism to  access the top floor of the pyramid. Claim the Exquisite Chest to complete this Sub-quest.

You can visit Soheil to fulfill a sub-quest each time you complete one. However, it is preferable to do all the side missions before speaking with Soheil to finish the main objective, Soheil’s Wish.

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