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Genshin Impact: Search the Tomb of Carouses Guide

Do this to finish the sub-quest.




A new location in Sumeru was just introduced by Genshin Impact. We can now access the Sumeru Desert, which was previously off limits, thanks to the game’s 3.1 update.

New World Quests, domains, other chests to uncover, and many other features come with it. We’ll show you how to search the Tomb of Carouses, one of the sub-quests you can get from a World Quest.

Search the Tomb of Carouses in Genshin Impact

The World Quest, Soheil’s Wish, contains a subquest called “Search the Tomb of Carouses.” The Golden Slumber and Dual Evidence World Quests must be finished before you can trigger this quest. You simply need to visit Aaru Village and speak with Soheil to get started.

Completing Desert’s Remembrance

After finishing your conversation with Soheil: The Desert’s Remembrance, you will be given three sub-quests. The goal is to ascend to the pyramid’s top floor.

To go to the pyramid, teleport to the Waypoint in the Land of Lower Setekh, Sumeru.

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Once inside, head straight and descend the hole.

Head to the left and rotate the cell twice.

Return to the top and interact with the prism to make it blue.

A Prismal Light can be found if you turn to the right. Follow the route down and keep going. A Keystone Replicator is located to your left. Generate an Obscuring Cell by directing the Primal Light to its direction.

To change the prism to red, climb back up and touch it.

To reveal a mechanism, descend the hole and interact with the Obscuring Cell you made earlier. Open the path leading to the top floor of the pyramid by interacting with it. To finish the “Search the Tomb of Carouses,” open the exquisite chest hidden beneath the sand.

Go back to Soheil and chat with him to complete Desert’s Remembrance.

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