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Genshin Impact: Proceed Deeper Within the Ruins Guide

Complete this to continue the quest.




Genshin Impact’s 3.1 version update allows exploring the Sumeru Desert. We get new World Quests, and the continuation of the Archon Quest. The new playable characters Cyno, Nilou, and Candace are also included in the patch.

We will demonstrate how to complete the “Proceed further beneath the ruins,” included in a certain World Quest.

Proceed Deeper Within the Ruins Guide in Genshin Impact

The Golden Slumber World Quest, which you can acquire in Aaru Village in the Sumeru Desert, includes the “Proceed further within the ruins” quest.

This is part of the Secrets of Al-Ahmar, the third section of the World Task. The quest begins as soon as you enter the Mausoleum of King Deshret.

Completing the Proceed Deeper Within the Ruins Quest

To continue deeper into the ruins, you must locate two Primal Embers inside Opet Hall. Go south of the Fatui camp to enter the ruins.

First Primal Ember

Use the blue book device to interact with the door to the room, then up the stairs and turn left. Ascend a different flight of stairs until you reach a doorway on the left. When you’re inside, turn left to find a closed door.

To connect the cells to a floating Primal Beam connector at the entryway, you must rotate the cells. Once the door is open, defeat the Primal Construct there.

As soon as you interact with the Replicator Keystone behind you with the Forged Primal Light, the Primal Ember will be released. Follow and release it when it moves to a new pedestal. The Primal Ember will settle in front of the doors and open them.

Second Primal Ember

You can locate a Forged Primal Light inside the room up the stairs. Use it to turn on the Replicator Keystone, which will spawn the Primal Ember. You can move the cell attached to the pedestal by interacting with it.

When the door is opened, the Forged Primal Light must be used to forge a cell that will release the Replicator Keystone. To generate the second Primal Ember, return the other cell to its original location.

To finish the “Proceed Deeper beneath the ruins,” you only need to release both Primal Embers and follow them.

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