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Genshin Impact: Lost Riches Day 4 Treasure Area Clue Guide

The Lost Riches event has several treasure areas that unlock within a certain date, with Treasure Area 4 as the most recent one.




The Lost Riches event is an event that runs for several days, with a new Treasure Area unlocking on certain dates. The most recent one is Treasure Area 4. As with the previous Treasure Areas, the goal is simple: you just need to locate various treasures scattered within the area.

In this guide, we’ll have a look at the locations of all treasures you can find in Treasure Area 4.

Lost Riches Day 4 Treasure Area Clue Guide in Genshin Impact

Day 4 takes you to a location somewhere around the Ardravi Valley, particularly south of Vimara Village as you can see from this image:

As usual, there are three treasures you can find around the area. Each of them will come with its own challenge you need to complete. Also, don’t forget to equip your Treasure-Seeking Seelie before you start.

That said, let’s have a look at where you can find them:

Treasure #1

Before anything else, I just want to point out that you don’t really need to collect the energy orbs/clues in exact order. You just need to collect three for each treasure, and they are scattered all throughout the Treasure Area.

Once you get to the waypoint, simply turn left and drop down the hill to enter the Treasure Area. You will also get a message prompt on your screen indicating that you have entered the Treasure Area. After entering the area, have your Seelie absorb energy which is these blue floating orbs:

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These are the treasure clues that you’ll need. You will need to get 3 of them to find the location of the treasure. The first one is just right next to the four-leaf sigil that you see after arriving at the area.

The second one is right next to another four-leaf sigil that you can come across as you keep moving toward the east.

Meanwhile, the third one is just below the small hut not far from the second clue. After collecting all three clues, you should get a shovel icon on your minimap. This will indicate the location of the first treasure.

Head over to that location and start the challenge. All you need to do is to collect energy near the area to fill up the Seelie Vitality bar on top of your screen. Once it fills up, you’ll then be able to dig the area for an Exquisite Chest. Open it to receive some amazing loots.

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Treasure #2

It’s now time to start collecting clues once again to learn the location of the second treasure. You can find the first clue not far from the first treasure. Simply turn left to look for the energy on the side of the hill.

From the second clue’s location, climb up the hill to find a huge tree house at the top. Get inside and climb to the top of the tree house to find the clue.

From there, glide down the tree house and go west. You should be able to see the third clue down below. After getting the third clue, the shovel icon will appear pointing you toward the south.

For this one, you’ll need to defeat the enemies that spawn around the treasure. They will drop the energy orbs that you need to fill up the Seelie Vitality bar. You should make sure to defeat all of them in order to fill up the bar.

Once you’re done, simply dig the site and open the Exquisite Chest for some sweet loots.

Treasure #3

You can actually find the first clue right before you get to the second treasure. It’s on the right side of the hill which you can get to by simply gliding. The next clue isn’t that far from the second treasure either. You just have to head toward the cliff going west, and you should be able to find it on top of a rock.

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Meanwhile, the last one will be east of the second treasure right next to some flowers. After getting all clues, simply head to the shovel icon which is directly south of Vimara Village.

This time, the challenge is a bit tricky as you’ll need to use Air Currents to go through Air Rings in order to collect energy. What you need to remember here is to use the Air Currents to propel yourself upward, then glide toward the Air Rings to pick up the energy inside.

It will take a bit of time and patience, but you should be able to fill up the bar in no time. After filling up the Seelie Vitality bar, go back to the dig site to dig up the Exquisite Chest and open it for its loots.

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