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Genshin Impact: Light the Primal Torches Quest Guide

Complete the task to continue the quest.




The Sumeru Desert is accessible after Genshin Impact’s version 3.1 release. In the Sumeru Desert, new exploring mechanics can be uncovered. One of these is the Primal Torch, which only a Primal Ember can ignite.

We’ll teach you how to light up the Primal Torches for one of the new world quests you can complete.

Light the Primal Torches Quest Guide in Genshin Impact

Upon completing the Dual Evidence World Quest, the task of Lighting the Primal Torches will appear. You must first complete the world quest Golden Slumber to access this.

You only need to get to Aaru Village to get started. The Dual Evidence World Quest will be given to you by the NPC Soheil.

Completing the Light the Primal Torches Quest

You are prompted to go forward after completing the prior tasks’ big device activation. Interacting with the gigantic apparatus brings you into a huge room.

You must additionally light 3 Primal Torches to receive the achievement “The Straight Path” within. The 3 Primal Embers required to ignite the Primal Torches are by the wall paintings.

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Since they are marked on your map, finding them is simple. Just follow the indicator and take on any obstacles in your way. To complete the mission, proceed to the center and turn on the device.

You’ll be taken to another location, where you’ll also have to take care of “the big guy with evil intentions.”

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