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Genshin Impact: How to Rotate the Pillars | Secret of the Scorching Desert Guide

The Secret of the Scorching Desert quest involves a puzzle where you need to rotate three pillars inside a mysterious ruin in order to progress further.




The region of Sumeru has a dune area where you can do and complete the Archon quest “Secret of the Scorching Desert”. In this quest, you are prompted to head over to a certain place which is indicated by the quest tracker.

The location is actually a mysterious ruins, and inside, you can find a pillar puzzle that you need to solve to continue. We’re going to talk about how you can solve that puzzle in this guide.

How to Rotate the Pillars | Secret of the Scorching Desert Guide in Genshin Impact

The mysterious ruins in question is the Mausoleum of King Deshret which you can find in this portion of the map:

This is actually west of Sumeru, and you can get there by teleporting to the Hypostyle Desert waypoint. Once you get to the target location, you’ll find yourself outside the entrance to the mysterious ruins. Simply move close to the entrance and interact with the prompt to enter.

The ruins has a recommended party level of 90, so make sure you have high-level characters before you even attempt to do this quest. As soon as you get inside, you’ll notice 3 pillars to the left. You will have to rotate them in such a way that they all display the same symbol at the front.

Solving the Puzzle

Here comes the tricky part: the pillar to the left will rotate all three. Meanwhile, the pillar in the middle will rotate two while the pillar to the right will only rotate itself. You can tell if the pillar is in the right position if it gives off a bluish glow.

However, solving the puzzle is actually really easy. You only have to rotate the leftmost pillar first until it glows. After that, rotate the pillar in the middle until it glows. Do the same for the rightmost pillar. Once all three pillars are growing, a brief cutscene will then play.

This will reveal an elevator in the middle of the room which you can ride to take you below the ruins.

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