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Genshin Impact: End Of The Line Domain Walkthrough | Fantastic Compass Puzzle Solution

Genshin Impact’s The Perilous Trail event requires you to complete the End of the Line Domain where the Fantastic Compass Puzzle needs to be solved.




In Genshin Impact, the last part of The Perilous Trail event ends with you inside “The Realm of Snaring Illusions,” a mysterious time-based world where you must solve a puzzle with the Fantastic Compass to proceed.

Like most puzzles in Genshin Impact, this one is hard to complete. Good thing you have this guide to help you complete this domain in no time.

End Of The Line Domain Walkthrough in Genshin Impact

The new Archon Quest in Genshin Impact requires you to walk through a complicated domain puzzle. The puzzle entails using a Fantastic Compass in a specific pattern to complete.

Since a lot of Genshin Impact players are having trouble solving the puzzle, this guide will walk you through all of the necessary steps to accomplish the domain puzzle at the End of the Line quest.

Solving the Puzzle

After watching the event’s cutscene, a quest is triggered where you need to enter a domain marked on your map. Upon entering, you can use Xiao, Yanfei, and Yelan. Simply follow the steps below to get started:

  • Using Yanfei, defeat the two waves of enemies.
  • Once they’re defeated, attack the tree sprout next to a half-buried compass. Interact with the compass and choose to move the needle forward.
  • Enter the gate and defeat the next enemies using both Yelan and Yanfei.
  • Pull the switch located behind the compass.
  • Move the needle forward to point it as far right as possible.
  • Enter the gate again and fight the enemy as Xiao. Attack the purple shroud with eyes to proceed.
  • Get rid of the spider web that is now blocking the previously opened cave with the switch you pulled.
  • Using the compass inside the cave, move the needle backward to point it all the way to the left.
  • Head through the gate again.
  • The compass will now be fully uncovered. Move the needle forward and point it at the bottom right symbol.
  • For the last time, enter the gate, and you’re done.

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