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Genshin Impact: All the Dune of Carouses Puzzles Guide

Solve these puzzles to unlock the chests.




You can enter the Sumeru Desert with the Genshin Impact 3.1 patch, where you can explore new areas, complete World Quests, open more chests, unlock new domains, and more.

One of the new World Quests, Soheil’s Wish, allows you to visit the Tomb of Carouses. We’ll walk you through how to unravel the mysteries of this tomb.

All the Dune of Carouses Puzzles Guide in Genshin Impact

To access the sub-quest Desert’s Remembrance, where you are required to search the Tomb of Carouses, you must complete the world quest Soheil’s Wish. You must solve some puzzles to complete the task and open the chests there.

Solving All the Puzzles in The Dune of Carouses

Visit the pyramid at the Dune of the Carouses.

Right after entering, there will be a locked chest. Create a cell with a Primal Light at the Keystone Replicator to break the chest seal.

A tiny fissure in the floor near the Keystone Replicator extends all the way through it.

Below, you’ll discover an exquisite chest. To find a cell, proceed straight before turning left. Double-rotate it. Another sealed chest with a mechanism will also be visible. However, you cannot access it because of an invisible barrier that is in the way.

Return to the top and interact with the prism to turn it blue. Bring the Primal Light with you as you turn right. Follow the road until you come to the room with the locked chest. To make an Obscuring Cell, go to the Keystone Replicator.

Return to the top and change the prism’s color to red. To unlock the chest, descend the pit and engage the Obscuring Cell. By interacting with the mechanism, you can ascend to the pyramid’s top floor, where there is another Exquisite Chest.

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