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Genshin Impact: 4 Precious Chests NO Ancient Stone Key

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genshin impact 4 precious chests no ancient stone key

There has been rumors of epic loot that is up for the taking in the world of Genshin Impact lately. Always the case of course as you’re either out fighting or treasure hunting. But for this specific booty, it is said that the effort required is so minimal that it’s too good to be true! You would be lying at this point if you say you aren’t curious on how you can open Four Precious Chests without any hard labor. Here’s some information that we dug up for you in case you want to get to the chests yourselves. Hope you aren’t afraid of heights!

4 Precious Chests No Ancient Stone Key | Genshin Impact

There’s still a chance for you to get an Ancient Stone Key through quests. However, these won’t be released yet until February so do be careful when you’re going to attempt to get the contents inside!

genshin impact 4 precious chests no ancient stone key2

If you don’t have a key then you will be greeted by this prompt upon interacting with the door. Take a few steps back to the top, let’s see if there’s anything we can do about it.

genshin impact 4 precious chests no ancient stone key3

Now during your leap of faith you will have to disconnect your internet connection mid-flight, once you get down the door should be open, actually it’s completely gone! DO NOT reconnect until you go through the doors!

genshin impact 4 precious chests no ancient stone key4

Once you’re in just simply reconnect and four Precious Chests should pop up in front of you, as of now you only get 50,000 Mora from each chests which nets you 200,000 Mora in total. Do be careful though as these chest might contain Primogems once the actual quest is released. And that’s how you open the 4 Precious Chests without the use of an Ancient Stone Key! Now go out there and try it out for yourself, or not. The choice is completely up to you!

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