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Frozen Flame: XP Guide | Fast Leveling Methods

Survival of the fittest!

Nicole Barelli



frozen flame xp guide fast leveling methods

Dreamside Interactive mixed Survival Action and RPG to create Frozen Flame, released to PC on November 17, 2022. Players of one or both genres will immediately guess that to survive in this world, they’ll need to level up—and the fastest, the better! This guide is here to help you understand the game’s levelling system and techniques to quickly unlock levels!

XP Guide | Fast Leveling Methods – Frozen Flame

Learning new skills requires you to spend an item that shares its name with the game: Frozen Flame. You earn one every time you level up, and to unlock the most powerful skills, you’ll need a lot of those Flames!

frozen flame xp guide fast leveling methods2
Source: TechRaptor

One way to help you level up early on is to complete rituals and quests that grant lots of XP. However, you can only complete those once per character.

So, once you completed those quests, what else can you do?

Kill. And kill again. And again!

One XP grinding strategy is to repeatedly kill enemies that give a good amount of XP. For example, the Ice Elemental, the first boss you face to obtain a Portal Core.

As an early boss, the Ice Elemental isn’t a demanding fight, and you can easily take it down using ranged weapons if you don’t like or aren’t comfortable with melee yet. Upon its defeat, the Elemental grants 524 XP.

Great!… but now he’s gone.

Enemies naturally respawn in Frozen Flame, but it takes time, and time is too precious to waste. There’s a way to speed up this process: all you need to do is quit the game and then re-join!

Re-joining close to the Ice Elemental will also prevent him from summoning his minions, making your life easier.

Repeat it as many times as you want!

If you want some variety, the Ice Elemental isn’t the only enemy that falls for this technique. Besides the Summonable Bosses, it works with every other enemy in the game.

Reaching for the stars

The above strategy works well until a certain level. After that, you’ll hunger for more XP! And that’s where the Titan comes in!

That’s the enemy that gives you the most XP upon defeat, and just like the Ice Elemental, it also respawns when you quit and re-join the game.

frozen flame xp guide fast leveling methods3
Source: TechRaptor

As you might’ve guessed from the Titan’s bulk, taking it down will be more troublesome than defeating the Ice Elemental. But there are some steps you can take to save as much time as possible.

You might be tempted to shoot arrow after arrow until the Titan’s life is depleted, and while the bow is necessary for this, using only it is far from efficient.

Notice that, on the outer edges of the battle area, there are magic stones that you can activate. When you activated them, they deal significant damage to the Titan as well as stun it for a brief period.

frozen flame xp guide fast leveling methods4
Source: Azex from YouTube

Once you interact with all stones, the Titan’s HP will be much lower. Now, you can finish it off with your bow, focusing on the blue crystals around the Titan’s body.

Also, be careful with the crystals that the Titan spawns. While dodging them is easy, their beam will deplete your life fairly quickly if they hit you.

After defeating the foe, go back to one of the stones before you quit the game. Upon re-joining, wait until the Titan leaves the scaffolding before activating the stone or it will regenerate a good percentage of the damage taken.

Same as before, run around the wall and activate every stone you can find.

And that’s it for this strategy! Thanks Azex for the explanation! If you wish to see more, please watch his video: Frozen Flame XP Guide | Leveling Methods | Tips | New

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Frozen Flame: INFINITE Bones, Fabric & XP Farm Guide – Get Unlimited Resources & Masks Fast

Your crafting problems are over!

Nicole Barelli



frozen flame infinite bones fabric xp farm guide get unlimited resources masks fast

Released on November 17, 2022, Frozen Flame is a game that blends Survival Action and RPG. Fans of both genres will already expect levelling up, various biomes and enemies, collectables, and crafting! While part of the genre’s structure, crafting can be difficult if you don’t know how to obtain the necessary resources. Are you having a similar headache? Fret not! Read this guide for some tips and tricks to help you!

INFINITE Bones, Fabric & XP Farm Guide – Get Unlimited Resources & Masks Fast – Frozen Flame

Bones and fabric are two important crafting resources in Frozen Flame. And what if I tell you there’s a way to get as many of those resources as you can get? And that, in the meanwhile, you can also get loads of XP?

Sounds too good to be true? Well, maybe… but you’ll see that it works!

Fabric Farm

There are two farming locations.

The first and most efficient (and the one that will also give you Masks if you want to add more to your collection) is the Cradle of Keepers, the starting area of the game, where you can farm fabric.

Before leaving your house, equip some weapons to help you: the bone bow and bone staff are good options.

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From the southwest portion of the island, you’ll want to fly northwest and find a cave. You can check out the exact location and the cave’s appearance in the screenshots below:

frozen flame infinite bones fabric xp farm guide get unlimited resources masks fast2
Source: 04AM from YouTube

Inside this cave, you’ll find a huge encampment of humanoids as well as the purple mists that spawn Mobs.

frozen flame infinite bones fabric xp farm guide get unlimited resources masks fast3
Source: 04AM from YouTube

The strategy here is to trigger the mob spawn then walk backwards and start killing them with your bow.

However, you don’t want to kill all the enemies! Keep one or two alive, walk further backward and wait until the mist reappears.

frozen flame infinite bones fabric xp farm guide get unlimited resources masks fast4
Source: 04AM from YouTube

This is the sign that a new mob wave is ready to respawn. Go inside the encampment and retreat again, repeating the process of shooting and respawning them until you’re satisfied with the number of corpses littering the cavern’s floor.

Then, kill every enemy and remain inside the encampment. Loot all the corpses, and you’ll be impressed with how much fabric you earn with this simple strategy!

Bones + Fabric Farming

Broken Valley is the second farming spot and the place you go if you need bones and fabric.

First, fast-travel to the first quick-travel spot in the Broken Valley, where you completed the quests for Hornhead. And what you’ll do is travel to a hidden cave underneath the island.

frozen flame infinite bones fabric xp farm guide get unlimited resources masks fast5
Source: 04AM from YouTube

Inside this cave, you’ll find three mobs: a shield bearer and two warlocks. Your goal here is to ignore the shield bearer and kill the two warlocks (be careful with their fire spells!).

frozen flame infinite bones fabric xp farm guide get unlimited resources masks fast6
Source: 04AM from YouTube

Once you kill them, leave the cave, wait a couple of seconds for their mist to respawn, and go back inside, repeating the process.

After a few times, you can go in and quickly loot the fallen enemies (always ignoring the shield bearer) and keep repeating this process for as long as you want (or for as long as your items have durability).

While slower than the Cradle of Keepers cave, this will give you all the bones and fabric you’ll need in the game. So, good farming! Thanks to 04AM for the tricks! In case of any doubt, please watch his video: Frozen Flame INFINITE Bones, Fabric & XP Farm Guide – Get Unlimited Resources & Masks Fast

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