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Frozen Flame: All Cursed Instruments | Guide

A ballad for the damned souls.

Nicole Barelli



frozen flame all cursed instruments guide

Developed by Dreamside Interactive, Frozen Flame mixes Survival Action and RPG in a single adventure. While hunting down monsters and earning XP, you’ll also find collectables! In this category, we have the Cursed Instruments. Don’t let that fancy name scare you: you don’t need to sell your soul to obtain them and the rewards will be worth it!

All Cursed Instruments Guide – Frozen Flame

Once you obtain your first Portal Core, you’ll be sent to the Sky Islands. There, you should interact with Hornhead and complete the quests he gives you to unlock the ability to fly.

After you’re done, Hornhead will mention a character named the Bard and how you should find his island and meet him despite his lack of talent.

And that’s the beginning of the quest for the Cursed Instruments!

frozen flame all cursed instruments guide2
Source: Azex from YouTube

With your flying ability, you’ll now have to visit four different islands and complete challenges to acquire the Cursed Instruments. I’ll provide an explanation and an order of each, but they can be done in any sequence.

Cursed Instrument 1

Skelly Island houses a character named Skelly, and that’s whom you’ll want to find.

frozen flame all cursed instruments guide3
Source: Azex from YouTube

Skelly will ask you to play a tune with runes at the graveyard. He’ll also say there’s a book with hints in case you’re lost on what to do.

You’ll find four gravestones with symbols on them, each a different colour. When you examine the stone, it will play a tune, which you need to replicate by interacting with the gravestones in the correct order.

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The book mentioned by Skelly is close by, at the foot of a tree, and the hints are straightforward, but here is the sequence: green, blue, red, yellow.

frozen flame all cursed instruments guide4
Source: Azex from YouTube

With the puzzle completed, go back to Skelly to receive one of the Cursed Instruments.

Cursed Instrument 2

You can find another Cursed Instrument on Copper Island. Inside the building, you’ll find the ghost of a Treasure Hunter.

frozen flame all cursed instruments guide5
Source: Azex from YouTube

Speak to this NPC and he’ll mark three locations on your map. You need to go to those locations (all on the same island, don’t worry!) and collect ancient coins.

All three coins collected, you return to the Treasure Hunter, and he’ll give you a flute. You can take the flute to the Bard for him to summon Selena for you.

Cursed Instrument 3

Arguably the hardest to get is the Cursed Instrument on Fallen Pilgrims Island.

frozen flame all cursed instruments guide6
Source: Azex from YouTube

Find a massive tree and fly upwards until you can get inside the trunk. There, you’ll find Woodhead, who will give you the task of hunting down a poisoned boar. If you need, you can buy potions and blueprints from him to prepare yourself for the inevitable battle.

Locating the boar (specific location circled red in the map below) can prove terribly frustrating because the game doesn’t tell you that you need an item to summon it. And that item is the scalding broth. For that, you’ll need a mushroom and a beetle.

frozen flame all cursed instruments guide7
Source: Azex from YouTube

Next, you’ll need to harvest resources nearby to mount a campfire so you can craft the broth.

frozen flame all cursed instruments guide8
Source: Azex from YouTube

The boar itself isn’t too difficult; the complication comes from the poison damage that both the boar and the area around it deal.

If you have good ranged weapons, you can try to keep your distance from the boar, circling it at the same idea you keep shooting at it.

frozen flame all cursed instruments guide9
Source: Azex from YouTube

Once defeated, the boar will drop normal hide, poisoned hide, and XP. Take the hides to Woodhead and he’ll give you the Cursed Tambourine.

Earning your last Cursed Instrument will also unlock the achievement “Cursed Melody”. There’s also a chest below Woodhead for more sweet loot.

Depending on the order you got the instruments, you might have to talk to the Bard. If not, go straight to Chronos. He’ll award you with gold and more rewards.

Thanks to Azex for the walkthrough! For more content, please check out his video: Frozen Flame ALL Cursed Instruments | Guide | Tips | NEW

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